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Congress approves suspension of mortgage evictions until 2028

Mairenis Gomez

June 13, 2024 | 4:30 pm

This measure, which seeks to protect the families most affected by economic difficulties, has been promoted to avoid situations of social exclusion

The plenary session of the Congress of Deputies This Thursday, unanimously approved the suspension of mortgage evictions for debtors in vulnerable situations until May 15, 2028. This measure is adopted to protect families who are at risk of losing your home due to financial difficulties, thus guaranteeing a safe roof for years to come.

The origin of the measure and its evolution over time: a response to the economic crisis of 2008

The suspension of mortgage evictions began in 2013, under the PP government, with the law of measures to strengthen the protection of mortgage debtors, debt restructuring and social rent. This law was a direct response to the devastating effects of the 2008 economic crisis, which left many families in extremely vulnerable situations.

Since then, the moratorium has been extended several times, each time extending the scope and duration of protection. In May 2020, in the midst of the covid pandemic, Podemos promoted a new extension of the moratorium, not only extending its duration for four more years, but also expanding the criteria to include more families at risk.

The importance of the measure to avoid social exclusion in a context of economic uncertainty

The Minister of Housing and Urban Agenda, Isabel Rodríguez, has highlighted the importance of this measure to avoid the social exclusion of those people who could lose their home due to the inability to pay the mortgage. In his words, the current interest rate situation and economic uncertainty make it crucial to maintain this protection.

The Royal Decree Law, which has been validated with 347 votes in favor and only one abstention, will now be processed as a bill, which will allow amendments and adjustments to be introduced to the initial text. This procedure will open the door to new proposals that could further strengthen the protection of mortgage debtors.

A unanimous agreement in Congress: the commitment to protect the most vulnerable families

Furthermore, the consensus reached in Congress reflects the widespread recognition of the need to protect the most vulnerable families.. The measure is not only a temporary palliative, but also represents a firm commitment by all political forces to guarantee the right to decent housing.

In Bilbao and Bizkaia, where the situation of many homes is particularly delicate, this news has been received with relief. Neighborhood associations and platforms for those affected by the mortgage have celebrated the decision, although they remain vigilant regarding the development of the bill and the possible amendments that may be introduced.

The moratorium until 2028 provides stability and protects the well-being of families

The continuation of this moratorium until 2028 even offers necessary stability for many families, allowing them to focus on rebuilding their economic situation without the constant fear of losing their home. In a context in which housing has become an increasingly inaccessible asset, measures like this are essential to protect the well-being and dignity of people.

The plenary session of the Congress of Deputies unanimously approved this Thursday the suspension of mortgage evictions

The importance of collaboration and consensus in home protection

The unanimous approval of this measure demonstrates the importance of collaboration and consensus on issues that deeply affect the lives of citizens. In a world where economic uncertainty is a constant, home protection stands as an undisputed priority.

Undoubtedly, The suspension of evictions until 2028 is a crucial step in the right direction, but it is also a reminder that the fight for decent and accessible housing must continue. Looking to the future, it is essential to continue working to create an environment in which everyone can have the security of a home of their own.

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