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Damn sexists we are coming for you: 33 women murdered and 36 orphaned children in 2023

Maria Jose Gonzalez

August 8, 2023 | 7:30 pm

The Incessant Wave of Sexist Violence

The year 2023 has become a critical period in Spain as far as sexist violence is concerned. 33 women have been murdered so far this year, leaving behind 36 orphaned children. This wave of violence has been reflected in the recent tragedy in which three women were murdered in one week in different parts of the country.

Recent Cases

In Almeria, a 27 year old woman she was cruelly murdered in front of her children. In sevilla, a 22 year old girl met a similar fate, and in Barcelona, another 25 year old woman he lost his life at the hands of sexist violence.

Sexist Violence is not Ideology

These horrific acts are a brutal reminder that gender violence is not a matter of opinion or ideology. It's a scary reality that continues to affect women and families across the country. The need to address this root problem has never been more urgent.

Numbers don't lie

The figures are chilling and speak for themselves. The 33 women murdered in 2023 they are a reflection of a society that still needs to work hard to protect women and fight this form of violence.

Voices Calling for Change

Women's rights advocates and groups fighting against gender violence are raising their voices. Call for immediate action, more protection, and a stronger government response to combat this persistent problem.

The Role of the Community

It's not just a government issue. The community as a whole must come together to support the victims y educate about gender equality. Prevention begins at home, in schools and in society at large.

Conclusions: A Call to Action

The year 2023 has been marked by tragedy in terms of sexist violence. The recent deaths in Almería, Seville and Barcelona are not isolated cases, but part of a worrying trend that requires immediate attention.

Hen/Stag 33 women murdered and 36 orphaned children they are a call to action. Sexist violence is not a debatable idea or concept; It is a harsh and painful reality.

Governments, communities, and each individual must work together to address this threat to the safety, dignity, and lives of women in Spain.

Sexist violence cannot be tolerated or normalized. It's time for real and meaningful change. It is time for Spanish society to unite and say: enough. Because every life lost is a tragedy, and every orphaned child is a reminder of a fight that is still far from won. It is a fight that concerns us all, and it is one that we must face with determination, compassion, and courage.

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