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ERC denounces cyber attack that compromises personal data in its database

Jesus Carames

June 17, 2024 | 7:05 pm

Attack details and match response

ERC has reported to the Mossos d'Esquadra a computer attack that occurred last weekend that managed to access improperly to the party database. In a statement, the political party reported that it has filed a complaint with the Catalan police and other competent authorities, and that it has begun to notify the intrusion to all people whose data could have been compromised.

"In recent months, computer attacks against the party have multiplied", noted ERC, linking these incidents with the recent approval of the amnesty and the successive electoral appointments. According to the party, since May 11 they have counted two million attacks, last weekend being the one that has managed to obtain the most personal data.

Measures adopted and official statements

The formation has condemned the computer attack, describing it as "contrary to any democratic principle". ERC has assured that it will defend the rights of its militants "Until the last consequences", reaffirming its commitment to protecting the privacy and security of its members' personal information.

In similar situations, reports of cyber attacks are often archived due to the difficulty of identifying those responsible. However, ERC has expressed its determination to carry out all necessary actions to pursue the attackers and minimize the impact of the intrusion on its database.

This attack joins a series of similar incidents that have affected political parties in Catalonia. Last November, together He also reported having been the victim of a cyber attack from various countries. Fortunately, in that case they managed to neutralize the attack, preventing it from affecting the telematic vote on the agreement reached with the PSOE for the investiture of Pedro Sánchez.

Context and implications

The growing wave of cyberattacks against political parties reflects a worrying trend in the field of digital security and data protection. The ability of attackers to access sensitive information and compromise the integrity of political processes highlights the urgent need to strengthen cybersecurity measures.

ERC has highlighted that these attacks not only represent a violation of privacy, but also a direct attack against democratic principles and transparency. "It is essential that all political parties and institutions work together to protect against these threats and guarantee the integrity of our democracies"said a party spokesperson.

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