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Euskadi demonstrates to the EU that Basque meets the requirements to be an official language

Mairenis Gomez

June 7, 2024 | 3:30 pm

Basque has the strength necessary to gain the status of official language in Europe

El Basque government has sent a report to the Spanish Executive and the European Union (EU) that certifies that Euskadi has the necessary infrastructure and capabilities for Basque to be official in Europe.. The report, sent this Thursday, ensures that the requirements and conditions are met for Basque to obtain officialdom in the European Union. This shipment is part of the measures that the Basque Government is adopting to achieve this objective.

The Basque Government presents a detailed report on Basque to the EU and requests its inclusion in the IATE

In a complementary way to the initiatives being developed in the Council of the EU, the The Basque Executive has sent the Spanish Government and the European institutions a detailed report on the current situation of the Basque language. In addition, a formal request has been submitted for the EU to link the IATE (Interactive Terminology for Europe) with the Basque terminological data bank, Euskalterm.

The report and the application are based on the prerequisites used to grant official status to Irish Gaelic in 2022, according to a statement from the Basque Government. Both efforts have been accompanied by letters addressed to different Spanish and European authorities.. These letters include a report on the strength of the Basque language to face the commitments that its official status in Europe entails.

The report highlights the current strength of Basque and the existing infrastructure in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country for its official status.

More than 495.000 terms On May 10, the first letter was sent, which included a formal request to link Euskalterm to the IATE. The inclusion of Basque in this tool will allow its use at the European level in official terms.

In addition, The Basque terminological data bank offers more than 145 dictionaries, 130.200 terminological files and more than 495.000 terms, adding the terms in Basque and their equivalents in Spanish, French and English. Furthermore, this database receives an average of 60.000 queries per month.

The Basque Government sends a report on the infrastructure of the Basque language and advances in the process of making it official in Europe

This Thursday a report was sent on the current situation of Basque. It indicates that in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country there are the necessary infrastructures and capacities for Basque to be official in Europe, meeting all the necessary requirements and conditions. These measures are part of the actions of the Basque Government in the process for the recognition of the official status of Basque, along with other languages ​​of the Spanish State, by the EU.

The process began in September 2023 with the request to modify the EU linguistic regime raised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation. A first report assessing the costs involved has already been prepared by the European Commission. Furthermore, a memorandum on this issue has been presented to the EU Council.

The Basque Government sees the official status of Basque as key to diversity in the EU

The Basque Government sees the official status of Basque as key to diversity in the EU

The Executive has announced that it will continue working to make the official status of Basque a reality in the new European Parliament and in the EU institutions that will be formed after the June 9 elections. This recognition would be an important milestone, not only for the Basque community, but also for the strengthening of linguistic diversity in Europe.

In short, the official status of Basque in Europe is an ambitious objective, but with a solid foundation. The measures and actions undertaken by the Basque Government are a decisive step towards achieving this objective, reaffirming the commitment to the preservation and promotion of the Basque language.

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