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Eviction of Inditex workers in Arteixo generates controversy

Mairenis Gomez

June 18, 2024 | 5:30 pm

The eviction of Inditex workers from its headquarters in Arteixo has generated a strong controversy

The Inditex workers who were at the Sabón headquarters, in Arteixo, were evicted last Monday. This eviction occurred after several days of protest over the refusal of the company to comply with the agreements established. The situation became unsustainable when the Civil Guard, at the request of Inditex, entered the premises around 21:30 p.m. to evict the workers. Faced with this situation, and with no other viable option, the employees decided to leave the place voluntarily.

The position of the CIG delegates and the continued fight for labor rights

The delegates of the CIG, the union that represents workers, have made it clear that they will not give up their fight. They insist that their list of demands is still fully valid and that they will not stop until they achieve the next collective bargaining agreement. Union representatives describe as "outrageous" the position of Inditex, a multinational that, despite its multimillion-dollar profits, chooses to denounce its own workers instead of fulfilling the commitments made in writing.

A multinational in the eye of the hurricane: criticism of Inditex

Inditex's "recalcitrant insistence" on not complying with the agreements has generated strong criticism from workers and the union. Instead of respecting its employees, the company has preferred to take legal measures to force their eviction. This action has been seen as an act of disrespect and has exacerbated the labor conflict.

Strike call and call to action

Given this situation, the CIG delegates have called on all colleagues at Inditex stores in the province of A Coruña to support the strike called for June 27. The goal is to demonstrate to the company that workers' rights are not for sale and that their fight for fair collective bargaining remains a priority.

The impact on the community and the message of resistance

The conflict at Inditex not only affects the workers directly involved, but also has a broader impact on the community. The resistance and determination of Inditex employees in Arteixo are an example of the fight for labor rights that resonates throughout the province of Bizkaia.

Inditex employees evicted from the Arteixo headquarters

The importance of solidarity and collective action in the labor struggle

This case reflects the importance of solidarity and collective action in the defense of labor rights. Inditex workers have shown that, despite the difficulties, unity and persistence are key to confronting a multinational and demanding fair and decent working conditions.

In short, the eviction of Inditex workers in Arteixo is a clear example of the continuous fight for labor rights. Despite the company's intimidation tactics, employees and their union representatives remain firm in their demand for collective bargaining and in their rejection of any form of repression. The strike on June 27 will be a crucial test of their determination and the solidarity of the community.

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