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Feijóo enters delirium

Mairenis Gomez

June 10, 2024 | 6:30 pm

The Popular Party sweeps the European elections and emerges as the political alternative in Spain

In the recent elections to the European Parliament, the People's Party (PP) has achieved a significant victory. With 34,2% of the votes and 22 seats, the PP has surpassed its results from four years ago, obtaining nine more seats and almost one and a half million additional votes. This victory, presented as a plebiscite between Alberto Núñez Feijóo and Pedro Sánchez, reinforces the position of the PP and presents a scenario interesting politician in Spain.

Reading the results and their impact on national policy

The popular people have interpreted these elections as a clear message of support for their leader, Alberto Núñez Feijóo. With two seats and four percentage points more than the PSOE, the PP has consolidated itself as the winning force in these elections. The general secretary of the PP, Cuca Gamarra, has highlighted that these results reflect continuous growth of the party and an unquestionable victory.

In his statements, Gamarra has emphasized that the situation of Pedro Sánchez's government is unsustainable and that his departure from power is increasingly closer. According to Gamarra, the ruling coalition has lost significant support, showing that change is inevitable, although difficult due to Sánchez's resistance to leaving power.. This result, according to her, reflects a social majority that gathers around the PP, looking for a moderate and reformist alternative.

The relationship between the rise of the extreme right and Sánchez's policies

Dolors Montserrat, elected MEP of the PP, has pointed out that the polarization and division promoted by Sánchez have contributed to the rise of the extreme right in Spain. Montserrat has asked for respect for all voters, but has stressed that to defeat Sánchez, it is necessary to unite the vote in the PP. The consolidation of the PP as the moderate and centrist alternative has been a constant in the statements of popular leaders.

The spokesperson for the Popular Parliamentary Group in Congress, Miguel Tellado, has reaffirmed that the result of these elections is final and has defended that the PP has won all the elections since Feijóo assumed leadership. Tellado has blamed Sánchez for being the promoter of political fragmentation and has requested the unification of the center-right vote to ensure the departure of the current government.

Feijóo and the future of the PP in La Moncloa

The leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has interpreted these results as a preview of victory in the next general elections. Feijóo has highlighted that the results of the European elections are the best obtained by the PP in 25 years, and has stated that this victory opens the door to a future victory in the general elections..

With 34,2% of the votes and 22 seats, the PP has surpassed its results from four years ago

Feijóo highlights the failure of the discourse of fear and the PP's commitment

In his statements, Feijóo has stressed that the discourse of fear promoted by the government has not worked and that the Spanish have opted for a message of responsibility and unity. The PP assumes the responsibility of seeking new formulas and better solutions for the Spanish people, with the aim of rebuilding the bridges and uniting the country.

Without a doubt, these results reflect a significant change in the Spanish political landscape, with a strengthened PP and a growing demand for change in society. Polarization and the rise of the extreme right are challenges that the PP will have to face, but its leaders are confident in their ability to offer a moderate and unifying alternative that meets the expectations of citizens..

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