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Fishermen call for demolition of Eva Cárdenas' illegal mansion

Mairenis Gomez

June 19, 2024 | 4:00 pm

The fishermen have presented a formal request to the Moaña City Council to demolish the mansion of Eva Cárdenas, wife of the president of the PP

In Moaña, the fishermen have decided act against what they consider an illegal construction in the public domain. They have registered a formal request for the demolition of Eva Cárdenas' mansion, arguing that the house was built through irregular works. This conflict has generated tensions in the community, and the Pladesemapesga association leads the movement to regain control of the coastal space.

Pladesemapesga and the legal battle for the Galician coast

Pladesemapesga, which represents the fishermen, has taken firm steps against this situation. Miguel Delgado, its leader, has consulted experts who support the idea that the mansion violates several regulations that protect the Galician coastline. In recent days, the platform has asked to cut off the water and electricity supply to Cárdenas' property. In addition, they have requested that he be declared persona non grata, arguing that his presence and that of his home negatively affect the local community.

A 700 meter plot with direct access to the sea

The construction of this house, located on O Con beach, has not only been criticized for its legality, but also for its environmental impact. The stone house, measuring 150 square meters, is located on a 700-meter plot with direct access to the sea. Acquired for more than 600.000 euros, the house includes a basement, cellar, living room, bedroom, toilet, kitchen and five bedrooms on the upper floor.

The declaration of persona non grata seeks to protect the well-being and tranquility of the neighbors,

The real estate assets of Eva Cárdenas and Alberto Núñez Feijóo

This mansion is not the only property of Cárdenas and Feijóo in the region. In addition to the house in Moaña, Feijóo owns another property in Meira, with a 1.040 square meter plot, swimming pool and sea views. For her part, Eva Cárdenas has a significant real estate asset, which includes a 256 square meter apartment in A Coruña, several apartments and a real estate company.

The fishermen's insistence on demolishing Cárdenas' house is based on the defense of the environment and urban planning legality. This case not only reflects a local conflict, but also a fight for the preservation of the Galician coastline and respect for the regulations that protect it. The efforts of Pladesemapesga and its leader Miguel Delgado are an example of how the local community can come together to defend their rights and the environment in which they live, even confronting powerful figures such as the president of the PP and his wife.

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