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French Freemasonry reacts against the extreme right

Jesus Carames

June 15, 2024 | 11:30 a.m.

An urgent warning among his followers

La french freemasonry has released a forceful press release in which it expresses its deep concern about the possible return of the extreme right to power in France. The document, issued last Sunday, warns about the delicate situation that the country is going through and the imminent threat posed by far-right populist and nationalist forces in the next early legislative elections.

"France has entered a very worrying phase in its history, with the imminent return of the extreme right to power," the statement said. Freemasonry warns that the risk of France joining the list of far-right populist and nationalist governments has never been higher. According to the text, these reactionary forces aim to call into question all the foundations of the Enlightenment philosophy, pillars of progress and republican values.

A call to action

The statement also pays emotional tribute to the memory of those who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of France during the Nazi occupation and the collaborationist regime. "The Freemasons cannot remain silent in the face of the return of the sound of boots, masks and militia," the text emphasizes. The Masons, faithful to their humanist and universalist tradition, declare themselves more committed than ever to the defense of fraternal republic.

The message is clear: it is no longer enough to raise the alarm, it is necessary to act. French Freemasonry urges its members to actively engage in this essential struggle. "Act on the ground, act in our lodges, act outside the temples," the statement proclaims. There is also a call to listen to the anger of those who, out of fatigue or desperation, voted for the "gravediggers of the Republic" on June 9, in order to convince them that the extreme right is a dead end.

Masonic mobilization

Gathered at the headquarters of Great East of France, the Masonic obediences who signed the statement launch a solemn call for the mobilization of all Freemasons, both brothers and sisters, to say no to the victory of the extreme right and its ideology of hatred.

The Masonic denominations have called on all Freemasons to meet on June 18 at 18.00:XNUMX p.m. in Paris and in all the Orients of France. This call seeks to consolidate a firm and unified position in defense of republican values ​​and against reactionary forces that threaten to undermine the fundamental principles of French society.

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