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Germany establishes mandatory military service

Jesus Carames

June 8, 2024 | 11:00 a.m.

New military and civil defense measures in the face of growing tension with Russia

Germany has taken a significant step by updating its defense plans, an action not seen since the Cold War. In a context of growing tensions between Russia and NATO, the country has implemented new guidelines to strengthen both military and civil defense. These measures include everything from compulsory military service to ration cards., reflecting comprehensive preparation for possible crises.

Distribution of functions and responsibilities

The German Council of Ministers has approved these new guidelines with a clear description of the necessary measures and structures. These guidelines include a detailed distribution of roles and responsibilities, ensuring the independence and sovereignty of Germany against any threat.

Defense Minister Boris Pistorius has stressed the importance of a joint response to threats in cyberspace, as well as drones and disinformation campaigns. Pistorius highlighted the need for a "resilient society" capable of facing these challenges.

Contribution of institutions and citizens

«The global defense of Germany is a task to which we must all contribute, both state and civil institutions and each of us. We need a resilient society that can meet challenges«Declared Pistorius. He thanked the valuable contributions that many people already make from organizations such as the Technical Assistance Service (THW), the German Red Cross (DRK) or the Army reservists.

Coordination and comprehensive planning

Regarding the military contribution to the country's overall defense, Pistorius alluded to the operational plan developed with experts from all areas of the 'Bundeswehr' in a joint planning group made up of the federal government, the federated states and local authorities, as well as emergency services and the private sector.

«This plan establishes who should assume what task in each crisis scenario. We are currently coordinating this plan at all relevant political and social levels.«Pistorius summarized. The head of the Interior, Nancy Faeser, highlighted that with the new framework guidelines for global defense (RRGV), which update those of 1989, The government is committed to “integrated security” in which all levels of government must collaborate closely and military and civil defense remain closely interconnected.

"We have a completely different security situation since the Russian aggression"said Faeser. Therefore, "in addition to all the protection measures adopted by our security and military deterrence and defense authorities, we must further strengthen civil protection"He added.

Central role in NATO and the EU

Among the new features of the updated guidelines, the change in Germany's role as a NATO ally, having gone from being a frontline state to becoming the "nerve center of the allied armed forces in the heart of Europe". In this way, according to the ministerial statement, Civil support measures for the 'Bundeswehr' in emergency situations are now also extended to the allied armed forces.

preparation for the future

During the same day, Pistorius made an appeal in reinforce the operational capabilities of the German Armed Forces so that they are prepared for an eventual war in 2029. "We must be prepared for war in 2029," emphasized the Social Democrat during the Government control session in the Lower House of the German Parliament.

"In case of emergency we need young men and women who can defend this country", stated at the same time that he considered necessary "a new form of military service", which "cannot be completely free of obligations", that is, it cannot be totally voluntary. In Germany, conscription was suspended in 2011, but Pistorius has promised to present proposals for its possible reintroduction, at least partially.

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