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Infinity Power develops ultra-durable atomic battery for portable devices

Mairenis Gomez

June 13, 2024 | 6:30 pm

This innovative technology promises to power portable devices for decades without recharging

Infinity Power has achieved a significant advance in the field of energy portable. They have developed a nuclear battery the size of a button cell that can generate tens of milliwatts of energy for 100 years. This battery, known as a radioisotope battery, uses the energy released by the decay of radioactive isotopes, which are transforms into electricity through semiconductor converters.

Infinity Power's innovative radioisotope battery ensures efficiency and safety for personal electronic devices

The key to this innovation lies in the new conversion of electrochemical energy from dissolved electrolytes, which allows an efficiency of 62% to be achieved. The radioisotope used is nickel-63, a beta radiation emitter with a half-life of 101,2 years, which decays into copper-63, a stable and non-radioactive isotope. The shielding of the case ensures that beta radiation does not escape, ensuring the safety of the battery for use in personal electronic devices.

Infinity Power, backed by the US Department of Defense, says the battery design is scalable, allowing for a wide range of power from nanowatts to kilowatts. This technology can start a new chapter in energy storage solutions.

Support from the Department of Defense drives development of the most efficient and durable nuclear battery

With strong support from the Department of Defense, Infinity Power has developed an incredibly efficient and durable atomic cell in San Diego, California. This cell harvests energy from radioisotope decay with a total efficiency of 62%, the highest level ever achieved in radioisotope energy conversion technologies. This advance promises an imminent market launch of next-generation energy sources.

The innovative conversion of electrochemical energy from dissolved electrolytes differentiates Infinity Power technology from conventional solid-state semiconductor junctions. According to Jae W. Kwon, founder and CEO of Infinity Power LLC, the liquid form of radioisotopes creates a wide and effective channel for electron collection, resulting in high conversion efficiency.

Infinity Power and the future applications of its ultra-durable nuclear battery

Many modern systems, such as robots, medical devices and mobile devices, depend on portable power sources. Infinity Power nuclear batteries offer a viable solution to avoid refueling interruptions. This technology allows energy to be generated from nanowatts to kilowatts, using fewer radioisotopes than other conversion methods.

Scalable design and mass producibility facilitate adoption

Additionally, its scalable design and mass producibility facilitate its market adoption for niche applications. Such as implantable medical devices, deep-sea, space and microgrid energy systems. This achievement is a crucial step towards the production of reliable and safe radioisotope energy sources.

Undoubtedly, Infinity Power is committed to bringing this discovery to a successful launch.. Starting a new chapter in the history of energy storage solutions.

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