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Israel directly threatens Spain

Jesus Carames

May 27, 2024 | 9:38 a.m.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry takes drastic measures against Spain for the recognition of the Palestinian State

June 1, 2024 will mark a before and after in diplomatic relations between Spain and Israel. The Israeli Foreign Ministry has ordered the Spanish Consulate in Jerusalem to stop providing consular services to Palestinians residing in the West Bank.. This measure arises in retaliation for the recognition of the Palestinian State by the Spanish Government.

In a diplomatic note, Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz formalized this ban. This action is considered a direct response to the statements of Vice President Yolanda Díaz, who closed a speech with the pro-Palestinian slogan “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” a phrase that Israel considers anti-Semitic.

Israel and the first punitive measures against Spain after the recognition of the Palestinian State

“We are in the year 2024, the days of the Inquisition are over. Today we Jews have a sovereign and independent State and no one will force us to convert our religion or threaten our existence. “Whoever harms us, we will harm,” Katz said in a statement, formally announcing the first punitive measures against Spain.

According to the new measures, Israel prohibits the Spanish Consulate in Jerusalem from carrying out consular activities for residents under the Palestinian Authority, clarifying that this measure does not affect people with Spanish nationality.

Spain maintains its embassy in Tel Aviv, but also has a consulate in Jerusalem since before 1948, functioning as a de facto embassy to the Palestinians and maintaining diplomatic relations with the Palestinian National Authority (PNA). This ban will come into force from June 1, 2024 and if it is not respected, the Ministry will take additional measures.

Katz published on his X account a video with stereotypical images of Spain, parodying flamenco and mixing them with images of the Hamas attack in Israel on October 7. This message, addressed to President Pedro Sánchez, was accompanied by the text "Hamas appreciates your services."

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Spain, José Manuel Albares, described this setup as “scandalous” and “execrable” in a joint press conference in Brussels with the Prime Minister of the ANP, Mohamad Mustafa.

International reactions and support for the recognition of the Palestinian State by Spain

Spain, along with Ireland and Norway, announced recognition of the Palestinian state, angering Israel. Immediately, Israel recalled its ambassadors in these three countries for consultations and called for a “reprimand” to its diplomatic representatives.

“We must tell the Palestinians that we are with them, that there is hope and that the land and identity of Palestine will continue to exist in our hearts and in international legality,” Sánchez said during the announcement.

More than 140 countries recognize the Palestinian state, including eight European countries such as Bulgaria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Cyprus and Sweden. In addition, Palestine is a full member of the Arab League, the Non-Aligned Movement, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and UNESCO, while it is an observer state at the UN.

This recognition by Spain not only strengthens relations with Arab countries and other allies of Palestine, but also highlights Spain's commitment to human rights and international justice.

In conclusion, Spain's decision to recognize the Palestinian State has had a significant impact on its relations with Israel. Israel's response, with punitive measures and the limitation of consular services, reflects the seriousness with which this recognition is perceived in the international context. Meanwhile, Spain reaffirms its position in support of self-determination and the rights of the Palestinian people, highlighting the importance of diplomacy and international cooperation in the search for lasting peace in the region.

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