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Letizia gets away with it: Princess Leonor will wear the smile of a Hollywood actress

Jesus Carames

April 10, 2023 | 3:00 p.m.

The royal family visits Chinchón and the focus is on the braces of Princess Leonor

The Royal Family made a visit to Chinchón (Madrid), during which one detail in particular caught his attention: the new braces he was wearing princess eleanor. In addition, this visit allowed us to observe the close relationship between Leonor and her younger sister, the Infanta Sofía.

Princess Leonor's orthodontic treatment

Princess Leonor, heir to the throne and known for her cheerful and sociable character, has started orthodontic treatment months ago. During her visit to Chinchón, it was observed that she wears discreet and transparent brackets on the upper part of her teeth, almost imperceptible and to which she seems to have adapted perfectly. At 17 years old, Leonor is at an appropriate age to correct any oral defect.

The close relationship between Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía

The complicity and close relationship between the two sisters were evident during the visit to Chinchón. Both shared confidences, they were not separated at any time and, on occasions, they even walked hand in hand. This connection between the two sisters is also manifested in the fact that they have both worn dental braces.

Infanta Sofía follows in her sister's academic footsteps

Princess Leonor has become the best adviser that Infanta Sofía can have in academic matters. The younger sister of the Spanish royal family will study next year at the Atlantic UWC College in Wales, following in the footsteps of Leonor, who also studied her international baccalaureate there.

Located in St Donatus Castle, a prime location overlooking the South Wales coast and the cliffs of the Bristol Channel, this educational institution is one of the oldest inhabited fortresses in Great Britain. Many compare it to the famous Harry Potter Hogwarts school.

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