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Madrid prepares children for war

Mairenis Gomez

June 14, 2024 | 4:23 pm

Madrid implements a new educational curriculum that includes training on the Army and the Police in today's society

The governing council of the Community of Madrid has approved a new decree that establishes the curriculum for Primary, ESO and Baccalaureate. This new educational plan includes training on the Army and Police in today's society, starting in September. This change seeks to prepare students to face the challenges of the modern world with a comprehensive and updated approach.

The new educational curriculum in Madrid

The new educational curriculum will be adapted to the different ages within the subject of Geography and History, addressing crucial topics such as the danger of drugs, addictions and the loss of freedom. In addition, the curriculum will include content linked to the 1978 Constitution and the fundamental values ​​of freedom, equality before the law and protection of children. In the History of Spain classes, they will be taught in Spanish, even in bilingual centers, both in Primary, ESO and Baccalaureate. This approach seeks to ensure a strong and consistent understanding of democratic history and values ​​across all students.

Madrid makes electives more flexible and allocates 12 million for extracurricular activities

The decree also makes electives more flexible for 4th year ESO students, allowing the Second Foreign Language to be combined with two other subjects of the student's choice, thus promoting a more personalized education adapted to individual interests. 12 million euros will be allocated for new extracurricular activities, benefiting more than 310.000 students from 900 public schools.

In addition, these centers will be open on non-school days to encourage participation in these activities. This investment seeks not only to improve academic performance, but also to promote the personal and social development of students. through a broader and more diverse educational offer.

The new curriculum encourages responsible and aware citizens

Even the introduction of content about the Army and the Police within the Geography and History subject will allow students to better understand the role of these institutions in today's society. This educational approach adapts to the needs of modern times, preparing young people to face the challenges of the contemporary world. with a solid foundation in essential values ​​and knowledge.

Furthermore, the flexibility in choosing electives in 4th year of ESO will offer students the opportunity to personalize their education according to their interests and abilities, promoting greater motivation and more meaningful learning. This measure will not only benefit students in their academic development, but also in their personal growth, allowing them to explore different areas of knowledge and develop key skills for their future.

12 million euros for extracurricular activities strengthen comprehensive education

12 million euros for extracurricular activities strengthen comprehensive education

These extracurricular activities will not only improve students' academic performance, but will also foster their personal and social development, offering them a space to explore their interests and talents in a safe and stimulating environment. The opening of educational centers on non-school days will facilitate participation in these activities, ensuring that all students have access to a complete and enriching education.

In short, The new educational curriculum of the Community of Madrid represents a significant investment in the future of young people, providing a comprehensive education that encompasses both academic and personal development. With a focus on current and relevant issues, and an expanded offering of extracurricular activities, this scheme seeks to prepare students to face the challenges of the modern world with confidence and competence.

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