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Mercadona offers money to MAYSA union delegates to abandon their labor struggles

Mercadona offers money to MAYSA union delegates to abandon their labor struggles

Jeickson Sulbaran

June 14, 2024 | 11:45 a.m.

A new controversy shakes Mercadona after MAYSA's complaints about bribery to its union delegates

Mercadona has once again been the center of controversy in Bizkaia. The MAYSA union, known for its firm stance in defending labor rights, has revealed that the supermarket chain It has offered money to its delegates to abandon both the company and the union struggles. This revelation reveals a strategy by Mercadona to get rid of union representation that is not favorable to it.

MAYSA's public complaint: bribes and persecution in Mercadona

According to the statement issued by MAYSA, Mercadona has intensified its persecution of union representatives by opening contradictory files and minutes without legal nature. The Labor Inspection has already resolved that these minutes are not sanctioning, but MAYSA maintains that Mercadona uses them to justify dismissals.

This situation worsened after a recent lawsuit to investigate a possible covert ERE in Mercadona. Following this demand, the head of Human Resources of the company, who already has a history of bad practices, has offered money to union delegates to leave their posts. These offers have been accompanied by coercive suggestions, evidencing a clear strategy of pressure and harassment.

MAYSA's response and the planned legal actions

Given these actions, MAYSA has decided not to tolerate further abuses and has called an emergency meeting of its Regional Executive to evaluate the measures to be taken. The union plans to transfer the new tests to the Cantabria Bar Association and to other schools in communities where similar practices are adopted. In addition, the possibility of informing the Prosecutor's Office is being considered to investigate whether the events could constitute a crime.

MAYSA will also meticulously review all dismissal procedures carried out by Mercadona, and Complaints will be submitted to both the Data Protection Agency and the Labor Inspection. The union denounces that in some coordination meetings there has been talk of fraud in sick leave and sensitive data has been disclosed, which could constitute a serious violation of rights.

Mercadona's strategy to get rid of MAYSA's union representation has led to a scandal that not only affects Bizkaia, but it could have repercussions at the national level. The upcoming legal actions and pressure measures could mark a before and after in the relationship between this company and its workers.

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