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Milei will implement Nayib Bukele's method against crime in Argentina

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Jesus Carames

June 18, 2024 | 7:38 pm

The government of Javier Milei has decided to adopt the successful method of Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele to combat gangs, criminals and narco-terrorists in Argentina. This decision was made after Patricia Bullrich's recent visit to El Salvador, where she was able to closely observe the effectiveness of this strategy in reducing crime.

International Inspiration for National Security

Nayib Bukele's approach has been widely recognized for its effectiveness in the fight against crime in El Salvador. During his tenure, Bukele has implemented strict policies and used advanced technology to combat organized crime. The homicide rate in El Salvador has decreased dramatically, which has generated international interest in its methodology.

Patricia Bullrich, on her visit to El Salvador, had the opportunity to meet with local officials and visit key facilities where these security operations are carried out. Bullrich highlighted the importance of technology and inter-institutional coordination as fundamental pillars of Bukele's success. Upon returning to Argentina, Bullrich presented a detailed report that convinced Milei of the feasibility of implementing a similar approach in the country.

Adaptation of the Bukele Method to the Argentine Reality

The implementation of this strategy in Argentina will require specific adaptations to address the particularities of the local context. Milei government plans to strengthen cooperation between security forces and improve technological equipment available. In addition, efforts will be made to intensify police presence in the areas most affected by crime and establish specialized units to combat drug trafficking and gangs.

One of the keys to Bukele's success has been the use of intelligence and technology to anticipate and prevent criminal activities. In Argentina, it is expected to invest in advanced surveillance systems and in the continuous training of security agents. The objective is not only to reduce crime rates, but also to restore citizens' trust in the institutions in charge of their protection.

Bukele's method has been effective thanks to its comprehensive approach, which includes preventive and punitive measures. The Milei administration will work on the creation of social and educational programs aimed at preventing the formation of new gangs and offering alternatives to young people at risk. The combination of these efforts has the potential to generate a significant and lasting impact on the country's security.

Expectations and Challenges

The adoption of Bukele's method in Argentina generates high expectations among the population, who longs for a significant reduction in crime and greater safety on the streets. However, it also presents considerable challenges, especially in terms of implementation and adaptation to local reality.

The success of this initiative will depend on the government's ability to coordinate efforts, ensure adequate resources and maintain a human rights-focused approach. Transparency and accountability will be essential to gain and maintain citizen support.

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