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NATO assures that Russia lacks the capacity for a strategic advance in Ukraine

Maria Jose Gonzalez

May 16, 2024 | 7:49 p.m.

The recent statement from NATO's supreme commander in Europe, US General Christopher G. Cavoli, has made it clear that Russia does not have the capacity to make significant strategic advances in Ukraine. This statement was made during a press conference following a meeting of the Alliance's Military Committee, following the latest Russian offensives against the Kharkiv region.

The context of the Russian offensives

Since the start of the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Russia has carried out multiple offensives aimed at expanding its control over Ukrainian territory. The most recent have focused on the Kharkiv region, an area of ​​great strategic importance due to its geographical location and infrastructure. However, despite Russian efforts, Ukrainian forces have demonstrated remarkable resilience and defense capabilities.

The NATO assessment

General Cavoli stressed that although Russia has attempted to make advances, it does not have the necessary numbers or the ability to exploit any advance for strategic advantage. «The Russians do not have the numbers necessary to make a strategic advance. We do not believe that they have the ability and capacity to operate at the scale necessary to exploit any advance with strategic advantage,” Cavoli said.

This analysis is based on observation of recent Russian operations and assessment of Russia's current logistical and military capabilities. The lack of sufficient resources and the inability to sustain large-scale operations are critical factors limiting the effectiveness of Russian forces.

Implications for the conflict in Ukraine

Cavoli's statement has several important implications for the conflict in Ukraine. First, it suggests that despite Russia's continued attempts to gain ground, it is unlikely to make decisive advances that would significantly change the course of the war. This reinforces the view that the conflict could drag on without a clear shift in the balance of power.

Second, NATO's assessment could influence the strategy and support of allied countries for Ukraine. Knowing that Russia faces significant limitations, the Alliance could adjust its policies and support measures to ensure that Ukraine maintains its defense and resilience capabilities.

The role of NATO and support for Ukraine

NATO has maintained a crucial role in supporting Ukraine since the beginning of the conflict. Although the Alliance has not intervened directly with troops, it has provided assistance in the form of military supplies, training and logistical support. In addition, member countries have imposed economic sanctions on Russia with the aim of weakening its ability to sustain the war.

General Cavoli's statement underlines NATO's continued commitment to security and stability in Europe. By assessing Russia's capabilities and providing a clear analysis of the situation, the Alliance demonstrates its role as a balancing and supporting force in the region.

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