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Netanyahu government collapses

Netanyahu government collapses

Jeickson Sulbaran

June 10, 2024 | 3:00 pm

Resignation of Benny Gantz and other ministers weakens Netanyahu's leadership amid Gaza conflict

Benny Gantz's recent resignation from the Israeli War Cabinet marks a turning point in Israeli politics. Gantz, a centrist politician and former military chief, decided to leave the emergency government due to insurmountable disagreements with the prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. This departure, along with that of two other ministers from his party, leaves Netanyahu more dependent on his far-right allies, affecting the stability and credibility of the government.

On October 7, Gantz joined the government seeking to show national unity in response to attacks in the Gaza Strip. His presence increased international confidence in Israel, especially among American allies. However, his departure reflects growing frustration with Netanyahu's management, especially regarding the Gaza strategy. Gantz highlighted in his speech that the government's recent decisions are not based on the national good, but on political and external interests.

Consequences of Gantz's departure for Israeli politics

Gantz's departure could weaken Netanyahu's position at a critical moment. The recent rescue operation in Gaza, although successful in freeing several hostages, has come at a significant human cost. The deaths of Palestinian civilians during these operations have increased pressure on the Israeli government both domestically and internationally. Gantz has asked other Knesset members to follow his example and act according to their conscience, which could trigger more resignations and a possible government crisis.

Netanyahu government collapses

Netanyahu has responded to Gantz's resignation calling for unity and highlighting the need to continue the fight against Hamas. However, the departure of Gantz and other key ministers raises questions about the government's ability to maintain a cohesive and effective strategy. Netanyahu's coalition still has a majority in parliament, but the loss of influential figures like Gantz could erode his authority and make unified decision-making difficult.

The situation in Gaza remains a huge challenge, withn rescue operations that involve high risk and significant human cost. Gantz's resignation highlights the Israeli government's internal difficulties in managing the crisis, and suggests that internal political tensions could have a lasting impact on the direction of the conflict and the stability of Netanyahu's leadership.

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