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Pedro Sánchez's agenda in Davos

Sánchez in Davos an agenda focused on innovation and global collaborations

Jeickson Sulbaran

January 17, 2024 | 2:04 p.m.

Pedro Sánchez, president of the Spanish Government, sand faces an intense and promising day at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Its agenda, full of interviews and meetings with key figures in the technological and business field, predicts a day full of dialogue and opportunities for Spain.. The audience in Bilbao and Bizkaia, always attentive to movements in the international sphere, can anticipate a series of meetings that will not only reflect Spain's position on the global stage, but could also translate into tangible benefits for our community.

Sánchez's morning will begin with an interview on CNBC, an ideal setting to highlight Spain's achievements and challenges before an international audience. Later, he will have key meetings with the CEOs of Siemens and Sanofi, two giants in the engineering and pharmaceutical sectors, respectively. These meetings are not just protocol; They represent an opportunity to strengthen relationships and explore possible collaborations.

Interaction with technology leaders and commitments in AI

Sánchez in Davos an agenda focused on innovation and collaborations

The dialogue with leaders from the technology and business sector intensifies as the day progresses. An interaction with Bill Gates, an emblematic figure in the world of technology and philanthropy, could open doors to joint initiatives in fields such as health and sustainable innovation. The Bloomberg interview, for its part, will offer a platform for Sánchez in Davos to present Spain's economic and technological vision, highlighting his commitment to innovation and sustainable development.

The meeting with Google and lunch on artificial intelligence (AI) highlight the interest of the Spanish Government in integrating these technologies into the business and social fabric of the country. These interactions are crucial to position Spain as a relevant player in the development and application of AI, a field with transformative potential for sectors such as industry, health and education.

Strengthening international relations and strategic meetings

Sánchez's afternoon agenda in Davos continues with a meeting with the CEO of Fujitsu, reinforcing the idea that Spain seeks to be a hub of innovation and technology. The meeting on the Middle East and the scheduled intervention are clear examples of Spain's active role in global affairs, underlining its interest in contributing to stability and development in that region.

Finally, The coffee with representatives of the Ibex 35 provides an opportunity to align visions and strategies between the Government and the main Spanish companies. This meeting is vital to ensure that government policies and business initiatives go hand in hand in promoting economic growth and innovation.

Pedro Sánchez's agenda in Davos is not only a series of diplomatic and business commitments, but an opportunity to consolidate Spain's position as an innovative and proactive country on the international scene. For the citizens of Bilbao and Bizkaia, this translates into possible benefits in terms of investment, employment and technological development, aligning local interests with global trends and opportunities.

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