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Pedro Sánchez calls the National Security Council due to the high tension between Iran and Israel

Jesus Carames

April 15, 2024 | 7:43 p.m.

Given the escalation of tensions in the Middle East, the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has called an extraordinary meeting of the National Security Council for this Tuesday. The objective is to analyze the situation derived from Iran's recent attack on Israel with drones and missiles, and evaluate the repercussions that this conflict could have on the security and interests of Spain.

Key participants in the meeting

The meeting will be attended by prominent figures from the government and national security, including the Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles; the chief of the Defense Staff, Admiral Teodoro Esteban López Calderón; the director of the CNI and Secretary of State, Esperanza Casteleiro; and the director of the Department of Homeland Security, General Loreto Gutiérrez.

Evaluation of critical reports

During the meeting, various situation reports will be discussed, including those provided by the Defense Staff and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. These documents are crucial to understanding the volatility of the current situation and the measures Spain may need to take in response. The rapid development of events has prompted Moncloa to organize this crucial event urgently.

Other important meetings

In parallel, a video conference organized by Josep Borrell, high representative for the EU's Common Foreign and Security Policies, will be held, which will include the foreign ministers of the European Union to discuss strategies aimed at de-escalating tension and avoiding war. open in the region.

Iran's position

Despite the intensification of attacks, Iran has declared that it has no intention of continuing aggression against Israel, a statement that will be analyzed in detail during the meetings to determine its veracity and the implications for Spain's foreign and security policy. and his allies.

Frequency and regulations of the Council

The National Security Council, according to the royal decree that regulates its operation, must meet at least once every two months and whenever circumstances require it. The last meeting was held in an ordinary session on March 19, where the National Strategy against Terrorism and the National Maritime Security Strategy were approved.

This extraordinary call underlines the seriousness with which the Government of Spain is taking recent developments in the Middle East and their potential impact on national security.

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