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Pedro Sánchez defends Catalonia's own financing system

Jesus Carames

June 16, 2024 | 9:27 a.m.

The president is committed to a unique financing model for Catalonia

Pedro Sánchez has defended that it is possible to improve the regional financing system from a multilateral level and, at the same time, articulate unique financing for Catalonia. In an interview with the newspaper La Vanguardia, the President of the Government reflected on the political situation in Catalonia, highlighting the fundamental role of ERC in stabilizing the political scenario.

Recognition of the role of ERC and the PSC

The President of the Government stressed that the stabilization of the political situation in Catalonia would not have been possible without the leading role of ERC. «That must be recognized. Without his leadership and commitment there would be no pardons or amnesty," said Sánchez, adding that large and rooted parties, such as ERC, with more than 90 years of history, and the PSC must understand each other.

Pedro Sánchez highlighted that "the future of Catalonia and to a large extent of Spain will depend on consolidating this strategic relationship between the PSC and ERC." In his opinion, there is a significant feeling among Catalan citizens to stop a coalition government of PP and Vox, and that the progressive coalition government should be given four years. Sánchez considered that it would be a huge mistake for Junts to support a motion of censure with Abascal and Feijóo.

Economic optimism and rejection of early elections

Regarding other matters, Pedro Sánchez ruled out an electoral advance due to a possible blockage of the General State Budgets. He stated that Spain is experiencing one of its best moments, with an economy growing at close to 2,5% of GDP and employment rates that have not been seen in decades. Sánchez acknowledged that the Parliament that emerged on July 23 is more complex, but defended that the progressive coalition government is the only one capable of managing that complexity for the benefit of the majority.

The President of the Government also highlighted that "we are going to be closer to 2,5% than the 2% initially planned by the Government, which is extraordinary news. And the public deficit will be below 3% of GDP and 2,5% next year. Therefore, the fundamentals of the Spanish economy are very solid, and that will have an impact on the budgets.

Sánchez concluded with a resounding statement: «I am not contemplating an electoral advance. It has been a recurring question since 2018 and we are still here. With these words, the President of the Government reaffirmed his commitment to the political and economic stability of the country, ruling out any possibility of bringing forward the general elections.

In summary, Pedro Sánchez is committed to regional financing that takes into account the uniqueness of Catalonia and values ​​the collaboration between ERC and the PSC as crucial for the future of both Catalonia and Spain. In addition, he was optimistic about the country's economic situation and assured that there will be no early elections.

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