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The Poor Clare nuns ask for money online

The Poor Clare nuns ask for money online

Jeickson Sulbaran

June 14, 2024 | 11:00 a.m.

Faced with the blocking of their accounts by the Archbishop of Burgos, the Poor Clare nuns of Belorado and Orduña request financial help

The Poor Clare nuns of the monasteries of Belorado and Orduña are in a critical situation. They have turned to social networks to request financial or in-kind help due to the "blocking" of their bank accounts by the archbishop of Burgos, Mario Iceta. This blockade, which the archbishopric justifies as a necessary intervention, prevents religious women from accessing the funds obtained of the fruit of their daily work.

Archbishop Mario Iceta has assumed control of the nuns' accounts, citing his role as pontifical commissioner. However, the nuns denounce that this intervention deprives them of access to essential resources for their daily sustenance. The banking entities involved have acted, according to the nuns, more due to media confusion than due to logic and current legality.

The Poor Clare nuns ask for money online

Blocking accounts directly affects the nuns' ability to purchase basic products. Without access to their funds, they cannot buy food, care materials for the elderly nuns, or the raw materials necessary for their workshop. In addition, the feeding of their farm animals and the payment of payroll are also compromised. This situation has forced the nuns to resort to social networks, asking for financial and in-kind collaboration.

The nuns request financial help due to the impossibility of accessing their own funds

On their Instagram account @tehagoluz, the nuns have explained that the control of their accounts is justified by the functions entrusted to Mario Iceta by the Holy See, but they insist that they are not blocked but intervened. However, the account used for periodic payments for the works of the Orduña monastery is not affected by this intervention.

The nuns have called for collaboration through financial or in-kind donations, and the dissemination of their message. They have provided a non-usurped account number in the name of the former abbess to receive said aid. This measure seeks to alleviate the difficulties they face daily due to lack of access to their financial resources.

The situation has generated an environment of insecurity and harassment around the monasteries of Belorado and Orduña. The nuns denounce the launching of firecrackers and smoke canisters during the early hours of the morning, as well as screams and intrusions on the perimeter of the monastery. In addition, they have suffered harassment from journalists and the presence of hidden cameras, which has led them to consider hiring private security to guarantee their physical integrity and the conservation of their assets.

The intervention of the archbishopric and the reaction of the nuns to the crisis

The archbishopric of Burgos insists that the nuns can request what they need through the Federation of Poor Clares of Our Lady of Aránzazu. However, the nuns resist this mediation, since they consider that recognizing the legitimacy of the usurpation would imply a surrender to the intervention of Mario Iceta.

Meanwhile, the archbishopric is waiting for the nuns to hand over a copy of the keys to the monastery and attend the call of the Ecclesiastical Court to reaffirm their decision to leave the Church or recant. This situation could culminate in their excommunication if they decide to maintain their position.

The Poor Clare nuns of Belorado and Orduña are facing a significant crisis due to the intervention of Archbishop Mario Iceta in their bank accounts. Their call for financial help through social media reflects the seriousness of their situation and the urgent need for support to overcome these difficulties.

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