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Pradales redoubles efforts with an ambitious project aimed at the undecided

Pradales redoubles efforts with an ambitious project aimed at the undecided

Jeickson Sulbaran

April 12, 2024 | 12:00 p.m.

The PNV candidate, Imanol Pradales, intensifies his electoral campaign with proposals focused on housing and employment

Imanol Pradales, candidate of the Basque Nationalist Party (PNV) for lehendakari, has demonstrated once again his capacity for leadership and commitment during this last stage of the electoral campaign, marked by a Tight itinerary and high-profile events. Pradales has participated in various events throughout the Basque Country, highlighting its presence in Gasteiz, where it offered a vibrant rally, followed by a symbolic ride in La Sotera along the Ría de Bilbao and closing the day with another rally in Errenteria.

The PNV focuses on strengthening its strengths and contrasting them with the proposals of other parties

In each of these events, Pradales has emphasized the importance of the PNV's achievements over the years, underlining how the party has navigated political and social challenges with a clear vision and projects that have benefited Basque society as a whole. In Errenteria, the candidate was clear in highlighting the differences between the policies proposed by his party and those of his rivals, especially on issues such as housing, employment and security, where he contrasted the continuous development policies of the PNV with those he described as "experiments" by other political groups.

Pradales has promised to maintain housing tax deductions and protect the economy of working families. Furthermore, he has highlighted his commitment to Basque youth, promising to improve access to first work experience and prevent abuses in internship programs.

The PNV looks to the future with solid and realistic proposals

On the economic level, the PNV proposes a dual strategy: retaining local talent and encouraging the arrival of new talent, especially in key sectors such as health. Pradales has outlined plans to create an agency dedicated to attracting and retaining talent, complemented by a migration policy that identifies and attracts the professional profiles necessary for Basque companies.

With the campaign entering its final stretch and polls showing a competitive electoral landscape, Pradales has made a direct appeal to the undecided, urging them to consider the trajectory and achievements of the PNV when voting. This call is not only a reminder of past successes, but also an invitation to dream of a prosperous and equitable Euskadi.

While some candidates might promise radical changes without a clear plan, Pradales and the PNV present a calculated and experience-based approach. This strategy focuses not only on maintaining existing achievements, but on expanding them to build on a solid and known foundation.

In the proposal of Imanol Pradales and the PNV it is an invitation to continue on a path of progress and stability. With a clear vision and proposals that speak directly to the needs and hopes of Basque citizens, the party seeks not only to win the election, but to ensure that Euskadi continues to be a place of opportunity for everyone.

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