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Renfe launches a new AVE train between Murcia and Malaga with a stop in Madrid!

Chaos on the Bilbao - Madrid train

Jesus Carames

May 14, 2024 | 6:30 p.m.

Renfe has announced the incorporation of a new AVE train service that will connect Murcia and Malaga, with a notable peculiarity: it will make a stop in Madrid. This new route will begin operating soon, providing an additional option for travelers who wish to travel between these two cities in the southeast and south of Spain. Below, I explain the details of the route and the implications of this new service.

A tour with strategic stops

The new AVE train will depart from Murcia del Carmen at 15:32 p.m. and arrive in Málaga María Zambrano at 22:36 p.m., after making several key stops on its journey. Below, I detail the main stations and the corresponding schedules:

  • Murcia del Carmen: 15:32
  • Orihuela Miguel Hernández: 15:48
  • Elche AV: 16:06
  • Alicante Finish: 16:22
  • Villena AV: 16:50
  • Albacete Los Llanos: 17:26
  • Cuenca Fernando Zobel: 18:08
  • Madrid Atocha: 19:12
  • Real City: 20:29
  • Puertollano: 20:52
  • Córdoba: 21:35
  • Antequera Santa Ana: 22:14
  • Malaga María Zambrano: 22:36

Implications for travelers

This new Renfe service expands high-speed transport options for residents and visitors of Murcia and Malaga. The stop in Madrid Atocha is a crucial point, as it allows travelers to access one of the main railway stations in the country and make connections with other national and international destinations.

Advantages of the new route

Improved connectivity: The inclusion of Madrid in the route facilitates connection with other AVE routes and long-distance services, which can be beneficial for both business travelers and tourists.

Flexibility in schedules: Travelers have greater time flexibility, being able to choose between several travel options throughout the day.

Tourist attraction: The route allows tourists to explore different Spanish cities in a single trip, optimizing their time and offering a more complete travel experience.

Reactions and expectations

The news has generated various reactions among users and transportation experts. Some highlight the convenience of having a direct service that connects two important tourist cities, while others point out the curiosity of passing through Madrid on a route that, in a straight line, would not require it.

User Reviews

María López, frequent traveler between Murcia and Málaga: «It is excellent news, since it makes travel and connections with other cities much easier. The stop in Madrid is a plus that allows us to make the most of the trip.”

Juan Pérez, transportation analyst: «Although it may seem like a detour, the stop in Madrid makes a lot of sense from a logistical and commercial point of view. "It allows Renfe to optimize train occupancy and offer more services to users."

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