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SALF vote transfer matrix in the June 9 European elections

Alvise Pérez is Spanish Milei

Jesus Carames

June 12, 2024 | 3:27 pm

Alvise significantly impacts Vox, PP and PSOE

In the recent European elections on June 9, the transfer of votes has been a topic of great interest. Alvise, an influential political figure, has managed to divert a considerable amount of votes between the main parties.

Alvise has stolen 300.000 votes from Vox, 230.000 from the PP and 70.000 from the PSOE. This transfer has had a notable impact on the distribution of electoral results, altering the initial expectations of each party.

The Popular Party (PP) also mobilizes votes

The PP has managed to attract a significant number of votes from its political rivals. He has stolen 200.000 votes from the PSOE, 250.000 from Vox and 60.000 from Sumar. This strategy has strengthened the PP's position in these elections, demonstrating a broad and diverse recruiting capacity.

The PSOE redirects votes mainly from Sumar

For its part, the PSOE has carried out a notable transfer of votes. He has stolen 70.000 votes from the PP and 660.000 from Sumar. This movement has allowed the PSOE to regain ground, especially at the expense of Sumar, consolidating its support base.

Significant changes in the electoral base

An additional relevant fact is that 350.000 voters went from voting for Sumar and PSOE to opting for PP, Vox and Alvise. This migration of votes indicates a trend towards a reconfiguration of the political map, where voters look for new alternatives and approaches.

In summary, the transfer of votes in these European elections reflects a dynamic and constantly changing political landscape, where the influence of individual figures and party strategies can significantly alter the final results.

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