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Silvia Intxaurrondo confronts Alfonso Rueda in an interview

Silvia Intxaurrondo Alfonso Rueda

Mairenis Gomez

February 16, 2024 | 9:40 p.m.

Between the Ayuso controversy and the Galician elections

Silvia Intxaurrondo, presenter of The morning of La 1, did not mince words when questioning the politician Alfonso Rueda on the support of Isabel Díaz Ayuso in her electoral campaign. Just two days before the Galician regional elections. Rueda found himself face to face with the incisive questions of Intxaurrondo, who did not hesitate to address issues thorny Like the protocols of shame related to Madrid residences.

Intxaurrondo questions Rueda about Ayuso's presence in his campaign

The popular politician had barely answered two questions when Intxaurrondo confronted him with the following question: "Do you think that the presence of President Isabel Díaz Ayuso in the campaign benefits you in the midst of the controversy as we live due to the so-called protocols of shame and the death of 7.291 people in Madrid residences?" Rueda, avoiding commenting on the management of the Community of Madrid during the pandemic, found himself in a bind due to the forcefulness of the question.

Wheel diverts focus

The candidate avoided directly addressing the situation of the Madrid residences and chose to praise Ayuso's support in the Galician campaign. However, his speech veered toward criticism of his political opponents, outlining a dichotomy between the Popular Party and a left-wing coalition that, according to polls, could include a nationalist or independence party.

Ayuso's influence on the Galician campaign and criticism of Sánchez's government

In addition, Rueda highlighted Ayuso's support as a reinforcement of his campaign message, diverting attention from delicate issues regarding health management in Madrid.. Meanwhile, Ayuso, from Galicia, attacked the Sánchez Government and the Socialist Party. Accusing them of a lack of real interest in solving Spain's problems and pointing out their supposed support for Basque nationalism.

Silvia Intxaurrondo Alfonso Rueda
This morning on 'La morning de La 1' witnessed a hot confrontation

Ayuso attacks the left

For its part, The Madrid president also took advantage of the occasion to attack Yolanda Díaz and other figures on the left, using incisive and sarcastic language. to discredit his political adversaries. His comments reflect a strategy of confrontation and polarization. That seeks to divert attention from criticism of his management and project an image of firmness and determination in national politics.

Ultimately, The interview between Silvia Intxaurrondo and Alfonso Rueda reflects the political tension and polarization that characterize the electoral panorama in Galicia. While candidates seek to highlight their strengths and divert attention from their weaknesses. Citizens face complex decisions in a context marked by uncertainty and controversy. In this scenario, the role of the media and journalists like Intxaurrondo acquires crucial relevance. Since they are the ones who have the responsibility of keeping citizens informed. And guarantee transparency and accountability in the political sphere.

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