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Spain is the NATO ally with the least investment in Defense by 2024

Mairenis Gomez

June 18, 2024 | 6:00 pm

Spain will position itself in 2024 as the NATO ally with the lowest investment in defense, dedicating only 1,28% of its GDP to this sector

Spain will become a NATO country in 2024 that invests the least in defense, allocating only 1,28% of its GDP. This figure places Spain behind Slovenia, Luxembourg and Belgium, known for their low military spending. The difference is notable if we consider the general trend of increase in military investment among the European NATO allies.

The contrast with other NATO countries

The figure for Spain is particularly striking in a context where 23 NATO allies will reach the objective of investing 2% of GDP in defense. This goal, set at the 2014 NATO summit in Wales, has been seen since last year as a necessary minimum due to growing global instability and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.. Spain, with its 1,28%, is significantly away from this goal, while other countries have increased their defense budgets considerably.

In comparison, Poland will spend 4,12% of its GDP on defense, Estonia 3,43% and the United States 3,38%, thus leading military spending in NATO. This disparity underscores the difference in defensive priorities between the allies.

The general increase in military investment

The upward trend in military investment among European NATO allies is evident. According to Atlantic Alliance estimates, 23 allies will meet the 2% GDP target in 2024, marking an unprecedented 17,9% increase in military investment and the tenth consecutive year of increases. This increase reflects a collective commitment to strengthen NATO's defensive capabilities in the face of growing threats..

NATO countries with the lowest defense investment in 2024

Despite NATO recommendations, countries such as Croatia, Portugal, Italy, Canada, Belgium, Luxembourg and Slovenia, along with Spain, have yet to reach the 2% target. This group, which stands out for its lower priority in military spending, contrasts with the majority of allies that have increased their budgets.

Spain, the NATO ally with the least investment

The importance of a robust defense and the position of Spain

The setting of the goal of 2% of GDP in defense in 2014 was based on the need for greater preparation for global threats. Since then, the perception of security has changed dramatically, underscoring the importance of a robust defense. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has highlighted the need to invest more in defense to guarantee collective security.

Ultimately, Spain's position in terms of defense investment for 2024 reflects its approach to national security and its commitments to NATO. Although it falls behind many of its allies, it remains an integral part of the Alliance. The challenge for Spain and other countries with lower investments will be to balance their national priorities with NATO expectations in an increasingly volatile security environment..

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