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The French left announces a popular front for the legislative elections

Jesus Carames

June 11, 2024 | 7:25 a.m.

Principle of agreement between leftist parties

Rebellious France, the Socialist Party, the Greens and the Communist Party have announced an agreement in principle to form a popular front for the next legislative elections in France. This agreement aims to join forces in unique candidacies for stop the advance of the ultra-right in the country.

Letter from the French left

In a joint statement, the parties have called for the formation of a new popular front:

“[We call] for the formation of a new popular front that brings together in a new form all the forces of the humanist left, the unions, the associations and the citizens to build an alternative to Emmanuel Macron and combat the racist project of the extreme right.

The single candidates will present a change program in which the measures to be taken in the first hundred days of government in the event of an election will be detailed. Our objective is to govern to respond to democratic, ecological, social and peace urgencies.

Objectives and strategy

The French left parties have decided to join in this strategic alliance to confront the far right, seeking to maximize their electoral impact and ensure significant representation in Parliament. The creation of unique applications It will allow these parties to consolidate their votes and avoid the fragmentation of the progressive electorate.

Political context

This movement responds to the growing support that the far right has received in France, which has generated concern among left-wing parties. By uniting in a common front, they hope offer a solid and coherent alternative that can compete effectively in legislative elections and counteract the influence of far-right parties.

The formation of this popular front is seen as a necessary response to protect democratic and progressive values ​​in France, guaranteeing diverse and plural representation in government. The leaders of La Francia Insumisa, the Socialist Party, the Greens and the Communist Party have highlighted the importance of this agreement as a crucial step to strengthen unity and cooperation between leftist forces in the country.

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