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The Infanta of Spain studies high school abroad

The infanta of Spain who studies high school abroad

Jeickson Sulbaran

June 14, 2024 | 12:30 pm

Sofía de Borbón completes her first year at the UWC Atlantic College in Wales, where Princess Leonor also studied

Infanta Sofía, youngest daughter of the kings of Spain, has completed her first year of international baccalaureate at the prestigious UWC Atlantic College in Wales. This achievement marks an important milestone in your education, just as it was for her older sister, Princess Leonor. Studying at this Welsh boarding school not only represents an academic challenge, but also an opportunity to interact with young people of diverse cultures and nationalities..

The decision to send Infanta Sofía to study abroad aligns with the royals' focus on providing their daughters with a high-quality, globally oriented education. Like Leonor, Sofía will complete her second year of high school at this educational center, which will begin at the end of August.

A multicultural environment and academic excellence for the training of Infanta Sofía at the UWC Atlantic College

UWC Atlantic College is recognized for its focus on holistic education and its commitment to developing global leaders. The infanta has shared her educational experience with students from more than 80 countries, living in a room with three girls of different nationalities, which enriches their vision of the world and fosters values ​​of respect and intercultural understanding.

The infanta of Spain who studies high school abroad

The cost of education at this boarding school amounts to 74,000 pounds (approximately 82,000 euros) for the two years of high school, an investment assumed personally by the kings. This detail underlines the royal family's commitment to the education and comprehensive development of their daughters, distancing them from any perception of undeserved privilege and focusing on personal responsibility and merit.

The future of Infanta Sofía: First steps towards public life and official commitments

As Infanta Sofía advances in her training, her first steps in public life are also being prepared. It has been confirmed that he will make his solo debut at an official event during the awards ceremony for a National Heritage photography contest in October.. This event represents not only an opportunity for the infanta to assume official responsibilities, but also to connect with the heritage and culture of Spain.

The King's House has not yet revealed details about Sofía's educational plans after completing her high school degree, keeping the focus on her current development. This stage of her life is not only significant for her, but also for the public image of the monarchy, showing a balance between official duties and education.

Infanta Sofía's first year at UWC Atlantic College has been a crucial step in her training. The choice of this Welsh boarding school stands out for its academic excellence and its focus on developing global citizens, preparing Sofia for future responsibilities, both personal and official..

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