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The Parliament of Catalonia elects Josep Rull as the new president

Jesus Carames

June 10, 2024 | 9:41 pm

An agreement between Junts, ERC and the CUP

This Monday, the Parliament of Catalonia elected the Junts candidate, Josep Rull, as the new president after reaching an agreement with ERC and the CUP for the configuration of the Catalan Chamber Board. Rull, who was Minister of Territory and Sustainability in Carles Puigdemont's Government, spent more than three years in prison for the unilateral referendum of October 1, 2017..

Rull has received 59 votes in favor (Junts, ERC and CUP), while Silvia Paneque has received 42 votes of its formation, the PSC. On the other hand, Vox, PP and the Commons have voted blank, while Aliança Catalana has cast its votes invalid.

The independence agreement

The agreement between independentistas ensures the presidency of the Parliament for a Junts deputy, who will have ten working days to open consultations with the parliamentary leaders and propose a candidate for the investiture of the next president of the Generalitat, which must be held at the latest on June 25 and to which Salvador Illa and Carles Puigdemont aspire.

The PSC assured after the plenary session that it offered ERC an agreement so that they could preside over the Parliament themselves, but the pro-independence party rejected it and finally gave in to an agreement with Junts to elect its candidate. The ERC spokesperson in the Parliament, Marta Vilalta, has assured that her party has prioritized "the anti-repressive Roundtable over having the presidency" of the Parliament and has maintained that they are satisfied with the agreement reached with Junts and the CUP.

The Age Table and the vote of the exiles

The constitutive session has been led by an Age Table headed by Agustí Colomines (JxCat), the most senior, together with Júlia Calvet (Vox) and Mar Besses (ERC), which has allowed the three deputies who remain outside the vote to vote. Spain: Carles Puigdemont and Lluís Puig (JxCat) and Rubén Wagensberg (ERC).

At a press conference, Vilalta stressed that his objective was for the agreement to create a Table that "would allow deputies in exile to vote and be able to debate everything, without censorship or vetoes" in the Catalan Chamber. He has insisted that this negotiation of the Parliament's Board "does not presuppose anything" regarding the investiture and has added that a new phase of negotiation will now begin, which ERC will face from demand, ambition and responsibility.

Statements by Josep Rull

The new president of the Parliament, Josep Rull, has asked the deputies to "rise up to the challenges" that Catalonia faces and has vindicated the right of the Catalan deputies "to be able to talk about everything" and to vote freely without fear of suffering. retaliation. Rull has had words of recognition for the presidents of the chamber who have preceded him and has mentioned the fact that when the previous legislature was established there were political leaders in prison, among whom was himself.

Rull has stated that the new Board "will guarantee the principle of parliamentary inviolability" since "no deputy can be persecuted for his opinions or for exercising his vote." He recalled that the former president of Parliament Carme Forcadell was sentenced to eleven years in prison for allowing a debate and has committed to protecting the right of deputies to freedom of expression.

Controversies in the constituent session

The Parliament's Age Table has admitted the delegated vote of Puigdemont and Puig despite the criteria of the Constitutional Court (TC), which has provoked protests from PP and Vox. Agustí Colomines (Junts) has decided to accept that Puigdemont and Puig can delegate their vote to the Junts deputy Albert Batet, despite the opposition of Júlia Calvet (Vox).

Furthermore, Colomines has omitted the former presidents of the Parliament Carme Forcadell and Roger Torrent in the initial greeting, which has irritated the secretary of the Board, Mar Besses (ERC), who mentioned them when speaking. Colomines has denounced the "anomaly" that Puigdemont, Lluís Puig and Ruben Wagensberg cannot be present in the chamber because they are in exile.

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