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The Poor Clares of Belorado are a sect

Mairenis Gomez

May 16, 2024 | 2:09 p.m.

The nuns of Belorado face controversy with a smile and an Instagram account

In the recent months, the small community of nuns in Belorado has captured the attention of public opinion. These nuns have decided to separate from the traditional Catholic Church and follow Pablo Rojas, a bishop excommunicated in 2019. With a combination of tradition and modernity, they have opened an Instagram account under the name 'I make you light'. There they share images of their monastery, the landscape of Orduña, and a selfie that has caused a stir. In this photo, the nuns ironically about their situation with a strong message, "Sisters called 'schismatics' locked up, kidnapped, manipulated and kept away from their families."

A controversial decision and a new beginning

The abandonment of the Catholic Church by the nuns of Belorado has generated significant debate. The controversy began when the ecclesiastical authorities did not approve the sale of his monastery in Derio, an act that would have allowed them to buy another one in Orduña. Faced with this refusal, the nuns chose to follow Pablo Rojas, who is already in the Burgos town. This decision is not impulsive; rather, it is a reflection of his desire to maintain his faith and doctrine, despite challenges. In their social media posts, they have made it clear that their movement is not an outburst, but rather a thoughtful and spiritual response to their current situation.

The influence of social networks and its new spokesperson

The nuns have embraced social media to communicate their message and reassure those who are worried about them. His Instagram profile already has more than a hundred followers and continues to grow rapidly. In one of her stories, one of the sisters states that they are fine and that they have not been kidnapped or taken away from their families. This foray into the digital world could have been advised by Fran Ceacero, a former bartender and renowned Basque mixologist, now spokesperson for the Poor Clares. The religious community has used its presence on Instagram not only to share its daily life, but also to reaffirm its commitment to Catholic faith and doctrine..

The 'About Us' page highlights their dedication to following the teachings of St. Francis and St. Clare in poverty and humility

A community in transition

The Belorado nuns' Instagram profile also includes a link to their website, where they describe their mission and share details of their community life.. The 'About Us' page highlights his dedication to following the teachings of St. Francis and St. Clare in poverty and humility. Their story is a testament to resilience and adaptability, reflecting how a religious community can find new forms of expression and connection in times of change.

Without a doubt, the decision of these nuns to depart from the traditional Catholic Church and follow a different path is a reminder of the complexity and depth of faith. Through their innovative use of social media, they have found a voice in the modern world, defending their right to autonomy and spiritual self-determination. The story of the schismatic nuns of Belorado is ultimately a narrative of faith, resistance and the search for self-identity in a constantly evolving world..

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