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Risk of European war increases due to conflict in Ukraine

Mairenis Gomez

June 15, 2024 | 9:00 a.m.

The situation in Ukraine worsens and the risk of the war spreading to the rest of Europe grows every day

NATO strategists believe it is increasing the pressure in Russia to stop their offensive in Ukraine and seek a ceasefire. However, they are probably wrong. The danger of the war in Ukraine spreading to Europe is increasing, and the risk of a European war It has never been so high.

Ukraine is slowly losing the war against Russia, the general consensus among military experts

The general consensus among military experts is that Ukraine is slowly losing the war against Russia. Ukraine does not have enough soldiers to continue fighting the Russians for much longer. The casualty rate in Ukraine is in the hundreds per day, and the battles are described as "meat grinders" due to the high number of casualties. Russia, on the other hand, has a large reserve of trained fighters, estimated at around half a million. Ukraine has almost no reserves that have not already been deployed.

Still, Russia's final strategy is murky and the introduction of ballistic missiles further complicates the situation.

Sometimes the Russians say they want to create a "buffer zone" to protect Russian territory from attacks. However, the introduction of long-range ballistic and cruise missiles rules out a buffer zone unless it reaches almost to the Dnieper River. Even then, a buffer zone does not protect Zaporizhzhia or Crimea.

NATO is now introducing F-16s into Ukraine, which will reportedly operate from Romanian airfields. They will be equipped with long-range JASSM cruise missiles and AIM-120 air-to-air missiles. The key question is whether Russia will need to destroy operations at the Romanian air base or whether NATO will back away from the idea of ​​using them to launch F-16 raids that some anticipate will be aimed at attacking Crimea.

The escalation of the conflict in Ukraine and the military actions of Russia and NATO increase tension in Europe

Crimea is ultrasensitive to Russia

Recently, Ukraine has launched heavy barrages of long-range missiles against targets in Crimea, including airfields and ports, especially in Sevastopol. It is believed that he will soon try again to destroy the Kerch bridge. This bridge is crucial to Russian supply lines and any significant damage could change the course of the conflict. Tensions rise with each attack, and the Russian response to these moves is unpredictable.

Ultimately, the situation in Ukraine not only affects the parties directly involved. NATO and Europe must consider the implications of every action and reaction in this conflict. With each escalation, the possibility of a broader European war becomes a more tangible threat. European leaders must be aware of this reality and act with caution and strategy to avoid a conflict that could devastate the continent.

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