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The vote of European viewers puts Spain in its place in Eurovision

Jesus Carames

May 14, 2023 | 9:30 a.m.

The flamenco-pop appeal of White Dove, «Eaea», has not managed to rescue Spain from the drought of victories in the Eurovision Song Contest. Although the local public had high hopes for the young woman from Elche, the vote of the European public has left Spain in a disappointing 17th position.

The overflowing expectations of Spanishism on state television is given another bump with the votes of the European public.

Liverpool Dream Fades

Blanca Paloma started as one of the favourites, and expectations were high. However, the final result has been a jug of cold water for Eurovision fans in Spain. Despite obtaining a notable 9th position in the jury's vote with 95 points, the European televote did not accompany, granting it only 5 points and relegating her to an unexpected 26th place.

In the total sum, Spain achieved a total of 100 points, which placed her in 17th place in the final classification. Despite Paloma's remarkable performance, and her charismatic interpretation, the European public has not responded as expected.

White Dove's Reaction

Despite the result, Blanca Paloma has known how to accept the blow with elegance and positivity. After knowing the results, the young artist declared: "I'll keep this experience for the rest of my life." The Eurovision Song Contest is, after all, a showcase for talent and musical diversity, and although the final result has not been as desired, Paloma has demonstrated her talent and her ability to excite the public.

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