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They demand that Podemos-IU increase and recover the bus routes from Castro to Baracaldo and Bilbao

They demand that PODEMOS-IU increase and recover bus routes from Castro to Baracaldo and Bilbao

Jeickson Sulbaran

February 20, 2024 | 5:34 p.m.

The current situation of public transport between Castro, Baracaldo and Bilbao has become a point of tension and frustration for citizens who depend on this essential service.. The voices of Alberto Martínez and Pablo Villasante, representatives of Podemos and Izquierda Unida respectively, resonate strongly in denouncing persistent problems that affect bus routes, a reality that goes beyond mere transportation and enters the field of the basic rights and needs of the population.

Road cuts seriously affect the community

They demand that PODEMOS-IU increase and recover bus routes from Castro to Baracaldo and Bilbao

The main problem lies in the cuts suffered in the lines that connect Castro with Bilbao and Cruces. The reduction in frequencies has left many users in a vulnerable position, facing daily full buses, long queues and the uncertainty of not knowing if they will be able to return home. Scenes of passengers watching the bus leave without being able to board it are not only annoying, but represent a failure in a vital public service. This scenario is even worse considering the importance of these routes for work, educational and health travel.

The lack of concrete actions and the slowness in responding to these needs have generated an environment of discontent and demands on Podemos. Citizens demand a transportation service that is not only efficient and reliable, but is also in tune with the current realities of mobility and connectivity. Public transportation is a right, and its proper management is essential for the well-being and development of the community.

Broken promises and the search for solutions from Podemos-UI

Pablo Villasante, from Izquierda Unida, highlights the unease generated by the lack of fulfillment of the promises made by the administration. Law 31/2022, which established the recovery of frequencies prior to the pandemic, has not materialized into effective actions, leaving users in a situation of uncertainty and discomfort. This failure is a clear example of how the disconnection between Podemos's political promises and reality can directly affect people's quality of life.

On the other hand, the response of the concessionaire company and the Ministry, based on occupancy statistics, does not seem to be aligned with the daily experiences of users. This gap between data and the reality perceived by citizens is a critical point that needs to be addressed urgently. The population of Castro and surrounding areas deserves a transportation service that not only meets minimum expectations, but also contributes to improving their quality of life.

The public transport situation between Castro, Baracaldo and Bilbao is a reflection of the challenges that many communities face in terms of mobility and access to basic services. The demand for a service to Podemos on an adequate, reliable bus in tune with the needs of the population is not only a reasonable demand, but an imperative to ensure the well-being and development of the community. The solution to these problems requires a collaborative approach, where the voice of citizens is heard and their needs are the center of political and administrative decisions.

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