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They denounce a salary of €5000 without experience for being from the PNV

Mairenis Gomez

June 21, 2024 | 6:00 pm

The new director of Bilbo Festivals, affiliated with the PNV, has been appointed to a position with an annual salary of 5000 euros per month

The recent appointment of Jone Larrazabal Hervías as director of Festivals of the Bilbo Town Hall has generated great controversy. At 27 years old, Larrazabal has been selected for a position that will give her an annual salary of 80.845,20 euros. Despite not having previous experience in the field of parties or activities cultural socio. This fact has raised criticism due to the perception of cronyism and lack of transparency in the selection process.

The selection process and the lack of competition

On May 17, the Official Gazette of Bizkaia published the call for the management of the Festival Area through free designation. Jone Larrazabal was the only candidate to appear in the process, which has raised doubts about transparency and equal opportunities in this selection. According to the regulations of the Bilbo City Council. Appointments should be made based on criteria of professional competence and experience, something that does not seem to be met in this case.

A questionable appointment

Jone Larrazabal's profile does not seem to meet the usual requirements for this type of position. His academic training includes a degree in Law and several master's degrees in legal areas., but does not present any relevant experience in the management of cultural events or activities. His previous jobs include administrative and legal roles that are not directly related to the functions of Fiesta management.

The controversy around the PNV and cronyism

Furthermore, the perception of cronyism in the appointment of Jone Larrazabal is aggravated due to his militancy in the PNV and his membership in the Gogorregi group.. This fact is not isolated, since other similar cases have been reported in Bilbo City Council. Where people linked to the party have been appointed to positions of responsibility without meeting the established professional and experience criteria.

Jone Larrazabal, director of Bilbo Festivals without experience

Implications for Bilbo City Council

The controversy surrounding the appointment of Jone Larrazabal calls into question the transparency and equity in the Bilbo City Council selection processes. This case reflects a structural problem in which appointments seem to respond more to political affinities than to the competence and experience of the candidates. The situation could affect citizens' trust in local institutions and public management.

Without a doubt, the appointment of Jone Larrazabal as director of Bilbo Festivals has unleashed a wave of criticism and questions about transparency and equity in Bilbo City Council. The new director's lack of experience and her connection to the PNV have fueled suspicions of cronyism. Highlighting the need to review and improve selection processes to ensure that they are based on merit and professional skills. This case highlights the importance of maintaining high standards of transparency and equity in public administration to strengthen citizen trust in institutions.

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