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Unmissable deals in the Zara and Mango summer sales

Mairenis Gomez

June 20, 2024 | 4:30 pm

With the arrival of summer, the sales at Zara and Mango become a unique opportunity to renew your wardrobe with the best offers

With the arrival of summer, sales at Zara and Mango they turn into a unique opportunity to renew your wardrobe with the best offers. Here the secrets are revealed to make the most of these sales and get the biggest bargains in your favorite stores. From tricks for finding the best clothes to tips for using technology to your advantage, you'll discover how to make the most of the summer sales.

Explore key areas in stores and don't miss the best hidden discounts at the end of the day

One of the best kept secrets to finding the best deals is to check the order area at the end of the day. This area, used to manage size changes and specific requests, accumulates unclaimed garments that are returned to the warehouse if no one picks them up. Arriving about ten minutes before the store closes can allow you to discover real gems that other shoppers have overlooked.

“Basically, you get a secret list of clothes that no one has touched for you to explore.”. From personal experience, I have found many beautiful clothes and the most sought-after pieces in this place,” says the former worker.

Head to the back of the store to find the best bargains and hidden offers

Another effective tactic is to head to the back of the store. Stores often place the best deals in this area to keep customers interested in the more expensive products at the entrance.. “The most discounted items and the real bargains are usually hidden in the back. So don't stop at the first section; Walk towards the end and look carefully among the shelves,” advises the former employee.

Use technology in your favor

Now, during sales, it is common for some items to not have the discount reflected on the label due to errors or recent changes that have not been updated. Using the store's app to scan the barcodes of items you're interested in can help uncover hidden discounts. “Many times, during sales, a customer came to pay and discovered that their dress was much cheaper than they initially thought,” the former employee recalls. This technology ensures that you take advantage of all available savings opportunities.

Explore the fitting rooms to find discounted clothes and hidden bargains

Another unexpected but effective trick is to explore the fitting rooms. This area often becomes a gold mine during sales, as customers leave items they don't want to take, and many of these pieces are on sale. “This sounds strange, but this mountain of clothes is a gold mine,” says the former employee. Fitting rooms become a place to find items that other shoppers have left behind, providing the opportunity to snap up those bargains that have been discarded by others.

Explore the fitting rooms to find discounted clothes and hidden bargains

Think long-term about consumption and look for clothes from other seasons to save even more

Even if it's summer, consider looking for clothes from other seasons. Stores tend to significantly mark down last season's pieces to make room for the new collection. Opting for light coats, mid-season jackets or accessories can be an excellent investment at low prices.

Without a doubt, with these tips, you can make the most of the summer sales in stores like Zara and Mango. Always remember to look in key areas of the store, use technology to your advantage, and think long-term about your purchases.

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