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Ayuso with the shadow of Aznar teach the course to Feijóo if he wants to maintain the status

Maria Jose Gonzalez

May 10, 2023 | 10:30 a.m.

Ayuso: "Or Sánchez, or Spain"

Isabel Díaz Ayuso He presents himself as the leader of the opposition at the gates of some generals, proposing the 28-M as a plebiscite against the coalition government and pointing the way to Alberto Nunez Feijoo. The president of the Community of Madrid seeks to repeal or reform a dozen state-level laws promoted in the current legislature that, according to her, "attack the savings and life projects" of citizens.

Ayuso intends to suppress laws such as the Celaá law, that of Universities, that of Science, Technology and Innovation and that of University Coexistence, alleging that they do not seek excellence and equal opportunities. He also advocates modifying the Family Diversity, Democratic Memory, and Animal Welfare laws, arguing that they seek to engage in social engineering and polarize society.

Criticism of the politicization of Justice and agreements with Bildu

The leader of the Madrid PP denounces the elimination of sedition, the reduction of penalties for embezzlement, the politicization of Justice and the pacts with Bildu, affirming that they undermine the rule of law and equality before the law.

Bet on the repeal of taxes and reforms

Ayuso seeks to repeal "the special taxes on large fortunes, banks, energy companies, the housing law and the labor reform", arguing that they go against the prosperity, freedom and savings of families.

Patxi López responds to Ayuso

PSOE spokesman, Patxi lopez, described Ayuso's attacks on the concept of "social justice" as "the most immoral thing I have heard lately" and considers that it summarizes the ideology of the PP, which he sees as "disoriented, derailed, afraid and without leadership."

Ayuso and the defense of large families

The president of the Community of Madrid criticizes the suppression of the concept of large families by the left, promising to maintain it. According to Ayuso, the public powers must serve families, especially those that need the most support.

Criticism of the four-day work week

Ayuso was also against the four-day work week, ironically suggesting that it could be three or two days, or even not work and still be paid.

Ayuso blames Zapatero for the situation with Bildu

In his speech, Ayuso accused José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero of allowing Bildu to disguise itself as a democratic party and establish itself as one more political project. According to her, Bildu's intention is to install an ultra-left dictatorship in the Basque Country and expand to other Spanish provinces and parts of France.

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