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Carte blanche from the PNV to the falcon of the president of Spain

Maria Jose Gonzalez

May 18, 2023 | 11:00 a.m.

The Plenary Session of the Senate, under the influence of the PSOE and PNV, has rejected a proposal from the Popular Party to denounce the use that the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, and his ministers They act as the official means of transport to attend private or match events, in addition to asking for transparency about the cost of said trips.

reaction to the initiative

The initiative proposed by the PP has had uneven support, finding support in groups like Vox and UPN, but finding resistance in the PSOE and PNV. On the other hand, ERC, Bildu and Junts have opted to abstain.

The PP motion called for a public commitment by Sánchez and his ministers, to avoid the use of the Falcon and the SuperPuma for private or party activities.

PP allegations

According to Alberto Núñez Feijóo's party, the Government is making an "abusive use" of official means of transport, causing consternation in Spanish society. According to the PP, the Falcon has been used to travel to personal and partisan events, such as family weddings, concerts or PSOE rallies.

The debate on the use of public resources

The criticism of the PP points out that the spending of the public budget must be done with criteria of «effectiveness, efficiency and austerity«, arguing that the improper use of these resources results in unjustified charges to the taxes paid by the Spanish.

The 'popular' insist on the importance of all public representatives adopting a commitment to “good governance and transparency policies”. For this reason, they requested that the Executive avoid using the Falcon and the SuperPuma privately.

A matter of transparency

This debate raises an issue of transparency and ethics in the use of public resources. While the Government defends its right to use official means for certain trips, the opposition denounces the abuse of this privilege.

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