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Consequences on the PP of a possible victory of the PSOE in the European elections

Jesus Carames

June 7, 2024 | 11:41 a.m.

If next Sunday the PSOE wins the European elections in Spain, a series of significant changes could be triggered in the national political landscape. The victory of the PSOE could have multiple repercussions, affecting both the opposition parties and the internal dynamics of the Popular Party (PP)..

Possible effects on the Popular Party (PP)

Fall of Alberto Núñez Feijóo

A PSOE victory could weaken Alberto Núñez Feijóo's position as leader of the PP. Expectations of a draw or a possible victory for the PP have been high, and an unfavorable result could raise questions about its leadership.. Consequently, internal pressure could arise for its replacement.

Impact on the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ)

The defeat of the PP could also accelerate changes in the General Council of the Judiciary. Currently, the CGPJ is at the center of a political dispute over its renewal, and a victory for the PSOE could give impetus to the judicial reform sought by the government..

Impact on subsidized media

Media outlets that have received subsidies and been perceived as pro-PP could face challenges. A victory for the PSOE could lead to a review of these subsidies, affecting the stability and operation of said media..

Future of leadership in the PP

Isabel Díaz Ayuso not as a replacement

Although Isabel Díaz Ayuso has gained popularity, she is not necessarily seen as Feijóo's natural successor. His political style and approach have been controversial, and he may not have unanimous support within the party to lead nationally..

Neither does Juanma Moreno

Juanma Moreno, president of Andalusia, could also be considered for the leadership, but his more moderate profile and regional focus may not align with the party's needs at the national level in a post-election context.

Period of reflection on journalism

A victory for the PSOE could also trigger a broader reflection on journalism in Spain. The relationship between the media, funding and politics could come under closer scrutiny, seeking to ensure the independence and objectivity of journalism..

Importance of media independence

The role of the media in politics is crucial, and ensuring its independence is essential for a healthy democracy. Reflection could lead to reforms that strengthen the transparency and independence of the media.

A scenario of changes

The possible victory of the PSOE in the European elections on Sunday could trigger a series of important changes in Spain's political and media landscape. From the possible fall of Feijóo to a reflection on journalism and media independence, the repercussions could be deep and lasting.

The result of these elections will not only influence Spain's representation in the European Parliament, but will also have a significant impact on internal politics and power dynamics in the country..

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