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Consuelo Ordóñez is happy about the failure of the PP

Laura Rangel Ybarra

July 25, 2023 | 1:30 p.m.

The president of COVITE and sister of Gregorio Ordóñez values ​​the electoral result after a campaign critical of the PP.

Without mincing words, Consuelo Ordonez, sister of the deceased leader of the PP In Gipuzkoa, Gregorio Ordóñez, spoke for Público about the electoral result, surprising for many, but which she values ​​as a victory for dignity over indignity.

A victory of dignity

This activist for the victims of terrorism is glad "to have done my bit so that they turned against them, not only because my brother was crying out for it, but for the victims, who feel hurt every time we hear and see it."

Criticism of the PP campaign

During the campaign, Consuelo Ordóñez was very critical of the slogan 'Let me vote for you Txapote', and she did not hesitate to send messages through social networks against this slogan. The president of COVITE responds to the images of the militancy before Genoa with "nothing more to add, that they continue, that they continue, portraying themselves and belittling the victims who raise our voices asking for respect and dignity."

Feijóo surprised by criticism

Ordóñez understands that Feijóo had the opportunity to end this while celebrating his relative electoral victory, but he was surprised and thoughtful in the face of criticism. For her, this shows that "they have no scruples and are responsible for this not being settled," explains Ordoñez, who insists that "they care little about the victims of terrorism."

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