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Drug laboratory between steaks

Drug laboratory between steaks

Jeickson Sulbaran

May 27, 2024 | 11:00 a.m.

The National Police dismantles a clandestine methamphetamine laboratory hidden in the back room of a steakhouse in Madrid, arresting five people

In a steakhouse in Madrid, known for its juicy steaks, a dark secret was hidden. National Police Agents They dismantled a clandestine laboratory of methamphetamine, arresting five individuals of Romanian origin, with three of them in provisional prison. The drugs, imported through the Port of Valencia, were distributed from the Spanish capital. The laboratory was cleverly hidden in a house adjacent to the restaurant's kitchen, hiding the smells thanks to a false wall behind some stacked chairs. This police operation, the result of months of investigation, also seized five kilos of hashish, weapons and 60.000 euros in counterfeit bills.

Start of the investigation and surprising discoveries during the police searches in the Madrid restaurant

The investigation began in mid-2023, when the National Police received information about a criminal group dedicated to the importation and distribution of cocaine. This group used various companies and businesses as cover. Initial investigations revealed that the group's key meetings took place in a Madrid restaurant.

Drug laboratory between steaks

In early May, during a day when the restaurant was closed, officers noticed an unusual movement of vehicles and bags among the suspects, which led to police interventionl. Upon entering the restaurant, officers detected a strong odor of chemicals, similar to sulfur, prompting them to evacuate and cordon off the area.

In a house adjacent to the restaurant kitchen, Agents discovered a methamphetamine lab. This laboratory was accessible through a door in a wall hidden behind stacked chairs. During the searches, five kilos of vacuum-packaged hashish, a pistol magazine, various knives and a beacon detector were seized.

Results of the police operation and search for the leader of the criminal group involved in the drug distribution network in Madrid

In another room of the restaurant, hidden in a double bottom of a closet, a large safe was found built into the wall. After three hours of work, the agents managed to open it, discovering 60.000 euros in counterfeit bills.

The police operation remains open, with security forces working to locate the leader of the criminal group. This action has been a significant blow against drug trafficking in Madrid, highlighting the importance of collaboration between the different units of the National Police.

The arrest of five people and the seizure of drugs, weapons and counterfeit money represent an important success in the fight against organized crime in Spain. The investigation continues, with the hope of completely dismantling the criminal network and bringing its leaders to justice.

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