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El Corte Inglés and 25 other key companies in the corruption network that shakes the Civil Guard

Civil Guard corruption

Mairenis Gomez

February 6, 2024 | 3:00 p.m.

20 years of macro corruption plot in the Civil Guard

In a discovery that has shaken the foundations of public trust in Spain, A macro corruption plot has been uncovered within the Civil Guard. This network, which has been operational for two decades, has involved no less than 26 companies, including giants like El Corte Inglés, and several senior officials of the Civil Guard. It is estimated that this network has affected 180 million euros of Spanish public coffers, money that comes directly from taxpayers.

The modus operandi of this complex network of corruption in the Civil Guard

The operation was based on a tacit agreement between the agents responsible for the acquisition of supplies and representatives of at least 26 companies. Together, they modified public contracts for the purchase of essential equipment such as boots, bulletproof vests, helmets or work overalls, ensuring that these always favored a select group of suppliers. In exchange, the officials involved received bribes in the form of cell phones, video game consoles, trips, tickets to soccer games, meals or participation in hunts. They even paid for the education of the son of one of the accused.

Keys to corruption and violation of laws in companies involved

The companies involved not only collaborated closely with the Civil Guard agents. But they also organized among themselves to distribute the lots to be supplied and agree on prices, thus eliminating any hint of fair competition. This system of corruption not only violates fundamental ethical principles, but also violates multiple laws. Including bribery, influence peddling, embezzlement, fraud against public administrations, negotiations prohibited to officials, prevarication, money laundering and criminal organization.

Investigations and legal consequences

The investigation into this plot began with Colonel Alberto José Martín Altube, former head of the Technical Section of Sabas., who allegedly started this chain of corruption in 2000. His successor, Colonel Juan Antonio Maroto, continued these practices, even keeping detailed accounting of illicit payments. The plot was also characterized by illegally splitting contracts, manipulating the contracting in favor of those involved and acquiring unnecessary or duplicate supplies.

Investigation and revelation of corruption in the investigative court number 50 of Madrid

In addition, The investigating court number 50 of Madrid is in charge of carrying out the investigation of this case. So far, a hundred manipulated files have been identified, which underlines the depth and complexity of this corruption network. The revelation of this scandal not only highlights the urgent need for reforms in public procurement processes. But it also highlights the importance of transparency and accountability in all state institutions.

Civil Guard corruption
A corruption network in the Civil Guard, involving 26 companies and senior officers, diverts 180 million euros of public funds in a 20-year scheme.

The role of citizens in the fight against corruption

Undoubtedly, This case of corruption in the Civil Guard is not only a blow to citizens' trust in their institutions. But also a reminder of the constant vigilance that must be maintained over the organs of power. For the inhabitants of Bilbao and the province of Bizkaia, as well as for all Spaniards, it is essential to demand and actively participate in the construction of a more fair, transparent and ethical system.

Only through citizen collaboration and public pressure can the necessary changes be implemented to prevent such corruption schemes from being repeated in the future. The fight against corruption is a task of everyone and for everyone, and its success depends on the collective will not to tolerate injustice and misappropriation of resources that belong to the people.

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