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Elections in Bizkaia: surprising changes in leadership in Barakaldo, Getxo and Gernika

Mairenis Gomez

April 22, 2024 | 5:00 p.m.

EH Bildu surpasses the PNV in Barakaldo, Getxo and Gernika

In a recent election day in Bizkaia, We have witnessed how the local political map has experienced notable changes, especially in municipalities such as Barakaldo, Getxo and Gernika, where the EH Bildu party has managed to overcome historically dominant formations.

Barakaldo: a change in the second electoral position

In Barakaldo, a key industrial municipality in Bizkaia, the surprise was not who led the vote, but who was positioned behind. The PNV, although it is still the party with the most votes, has seen how EH Bildu has not only surpassed the PSE, but has also increased its number of votes significantly. This change in the second position, beyond reflecting a simple numerical alteration, shows a realignment in the political preferences of the local population, an indication that citizens are looking for new alternatives and answers to their daily concerns.

Getxo: the PP recovers ground against EH Bildu

Getxo presents another fascinating scenario. Here, the Popular Party has managed to unseat EH Bildu from second position, a significant change that underlines a notable recovery of the PP in the area. These types of electoral movements are especially relevant because they demonstrate how dynamics between parties can vary considerably in just a few years, influenced by local factors as much as broader political trends.

Santurtzi and Otxandio: growth of EH Bildu

In Santurtzi, a municipality with strong political symbolism due to its links with prominent figures of the PNV, EH Bildu has shown notable growth in votes. Meanwhile, in Otxandio, where EH Bildu's top list for lehendakari originates, An even more considerable rise has been noted in this formation, highlighting the local support for its proposals and leadership.

Portugalete and Gernika: stability and surprise

Portugalete remained without significant surprises, with the PNV slightly increasing its lead over the PSE. However, in Gernika, there has been a drastic change with EH Bildu surpassing the PNV. This result not only affects the local political structure but could also have implications for governance and the configuration of future alliances.

These results not only change political representation in Bizkaia

Bilbao and trends in Basque capitals

Finally, in Bilbao, although the PNV has maintained the first position, has lost votes, which contrasts with the increase in votes that EH Bildu has achieved in Vitoria-Gasteiz. This phenomenon, together with the fall of Podemos and the slight increase of Vox, reflects a diversification in electoral preferences that could alter the political landscape in future elections.

These results not only change political representation in Bizkaia, but also send a clear message about the expectations and desires of its citizens for change. As we move towards a time of greater political uncertainty, parties in Bizkaia and throughout Euskadi will need to adapt and respond not only to the immediate demands of their voters, but also to the profound currents of change that these results reveal.

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