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Escalation in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict zone until June 7, 2024

Jesus Carames

June 8, 2024 | 4:09 pm

Intensification of attacks in Gaza

the gaza strip remains the epicenter of violence, with another massive attack in the north of Gaza carried out by Israeli troops. These bombings on the capital of the Palestinian enclave have once again caused death and destruction, increasing tension in the region.

En the central part of Gaza, IDF (Israel Defense Forces) units continue with engineering operations on the outskirts of Al-Breij. In addition, clashes are reported on a stretch of the Salah al-Din highway, south of Deir al-Balah, where fighting has been intense.

En the south of the enclave, Israeli troops have established full control over the “Philadelphia Corridor”, a 20-kilometer border strip between Gaza and Egypt. This measure seeks to cut off supply routes and strengthen security in the area.

Situation in the West Bank

En West bank, regular raids by Israeli security forces They continue in various settlements. In Nablus, IDF militants clashed with local fighters, resulting in an exchange of fire that increased tension in the region.

Border with Lebanon

Throughout the border with Lebanon, although the exchanges of fire between both parties have been constant, the intensity of the bombing has decreased slightly. However, it is highlighted that for the first time since December 2023, air defenses were activated in the Lower Galilee, which reflects the seriousness of the situation and the state of alert in the area.


The situation in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict continues to escalate with continued attacks in Gaza, military operations in the West Bank and tensions on the border with Lebanon. The international community watches with concern as violence continues to claim lives and increase destruction in a region already deeply affected by decades of conflict.

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