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Feijóo looks lost and launches the hoax at the Post Office

Jesus Carames

July 12, 2023 | 8:15 p.m.

The recent controversy in Spanish politics, led by the leader of the Popular Party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has fueled an unexpected controversy around the state company Correos and the postal voting system. Feijóo, encouraging the conspiracy theory, urged the postmen to "distribute all the votes" ignoring the instructions of his superiors.

Feijóo's proposal

In an act in Murcia, Feijóo asked the Post Office workers that, “independently of their bosses”, they distribute all the votes in time for the general elections on July 23. Thus, according to the leader of the PP, the Spanish could exercise "their constitutional rights."

The popular leader even promised that if the postmen were not paid for overtime, he himself would guarantee it at the first Council of Ministers. A surprising commitment that has aroused controversy and speculation in the political and media world.

Postal reaction

Post Office, for its part, responded to Feijóo's words defending "the professionalism of its more than 45.000 employees." Likewise, the company has wanted to stay out of debates that seek to "undermine the institutions and public services of the country." The company stressed that the vote-by-mail process in Spain is "safe and guaranteed", and defended its effectiveness and professionalism in the face of the doubts sown by the leader of the PP.

Historical record of voting by mail

This debate arises at a time of record-breaking voting by mail, with more than 2,3 million applications, an increase of 90,1% compared to the 2019 general elections. These figures reflect the importance of Correos in the electoral process, and therefore, the impact of the controversy on the perception of the voters.

Government support for Correos

Pedro Sánchez, President of the Government, responded to Feijóo's accusations defending Correos and criticizing the opposition for being based on "lies, manipulation and evil." In his opinion, Feijóo's tactic only seeks to undermine people's confidence in Spanish institutions and democracy.

This confrontation between the PP and Correos highlights the current tensions in Spanish politics and the challenges that voting by mail poses. In light of the facts, it is clear that the role of Correos in the electoral process is more crucial than ever. Meanwhile, Feijóo, Sánchez and Correos will continue to be protagonists in this constantly changing political scenario.

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