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Feijóo puts chips to Puigdemont

Jesus Carames

June 8, 2023 | 8:30 a.m.

Alberto Nunez Feijoo, leader of the Popular Party, has launched a flyer on Spanish politics that has left more than one speechless. I support him, or at least his apparent support, to Xavier Triasof the party of Carles Puigdemont, for the mayor of Barcelona, ​​has caused a scandal in the country's political spectrum.

Feijóo's contradictions

Feijóo's game has been widely criticized for its lack of coherence. "One day it says white and the next day it says black", has pointed out the Defense Minister, Margarita Robles, in an interview collected by Europa Press. Her support for Trias, added to her criticism of Spain before the European Union, has led Robles to question her fitness to be Prime Minister.

Feijóo has been taking abrupt turns in his political discourse. One day he pleads for the suppression of the Ministry of Equality, the next day he retracts it and says the opposite. This volatility in his postures is sowing doubts about the reliability of their proposals and actions.

Feijóo, the president that could not be?

The most outstanding contradiction is, without a doubt, his support for Trias. "Mr. Feijóo, who always gives lessons, is leaving the Mayor of a city like Barcelona in the hands of Puigdemont's party", underlines Robles, showing herself scandalized by the situation.

The popular leader's criticism of Spain has also been pointed out by Robles: "Someone like that cannot be Prime Minister." Given this scenario, Feijóo seems to be losing support in the race for the presidency.

The role of the PSOE and the Government of Pedro Sánchez

In this context, Robles believes that it is important that the PSOE and the Government of Pedro Sánchez explain to the citizens "What have they done for the most vulnerable". Faced with Feijóo's lack of coherence, the PSOE can capitalize on its work in favor of the most vulnerable population during the health crisis.

The electoral debate: a questioned management

The Minister of Defense considers that "the Government has to explain to the citizens what has happened." Feijóo, meanwhile, seems to be playing confusion with her contradictory statements. In the words of Robles, the leader of the PP has only said "one thing and the opposite".

The support for Trias, the criticism of Spain before the EU, the change of position regarding the Ministry of Equality... All these actions seem to be part of a board in which Feijóo is losing chips. Undoubtedly, Spanish politics is experiencing days of uncertainty and surprises.

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