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Feijóo's legs are shaking: 2,5 million votes by mail, 65% were progressive in previous elections

Laura Rangel Ybarra

July 13, 2023 | 6:30 p.m.

The last chance to exercise the right to vote by mail

The demand to vote by mail shoots up before an election day in an atypical time. If you cannot go to your polling place on July 23, you must remember that today, July 13, is the last opportunity to request your vote by mail.

The request for voting by mail has reached record numbers, exceeding 2.4 million, according to data provided by the Comisiones Obreras union. These numbers greatly exceed the 1.4 million applications registered during the 2016 general election.

Time left to vote

Of all the applications, 20% of the voters, equivalent to some 480.000, have already cast their vote. However, for those who have not yet done so, there is still a period of 8 days, until July 20, to be able to exercise their right.

Normal operation in post offices

Post offices maintain their normal operation, despite the notable increase in requests registered in recent days. The institution ensures that the stipulated deadlines are being met.

Mail agencies will be willing to work as normal during the elections

Voting by mail has become an increasingly popular option, especially in the current context, allowing citizens to exercise their right to vote more flexibly. However, it is essential to meet the deadlines to ensure that all votes are counted.

This increase in requests for voting by mail demonstrates the firm determination of citizens to participate in the democratic process, even in the face of adverse circumstances. Active and responsible participation is essential for the consolidation of our democracy.

The deadline for the application to vote by mail is approaching, so it is crucial that all interested parties complete the necessary procedures to ensure their participation on election day. Don't miss this last chance to exercise your right to vote by mail!

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