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Groundbreaking proposal from EH Bildu for cycling mobility in the mining area and left bank

Detailed representation of the existing routes and the new additions proposed by EH Bildu in its bidegorris project.

Jeickson Sulbaran

November 21, 2023 | 5:27 pm

EH Bildu has launched a visionary project that aims to transform urban mobility through the creation of an extensive network of bidegorris, efficiently and safely connecting the subregions of the Mining Zone, Left Bank y Uribe Costa. This initiative represents a significant leap in the promotion of sustainable mobility, with a particular focus on the use of bike.

Connection and accessibility: The heart of the project

The plan of EH Bild focuses on building new routes and improving existing connections. Among the most notable proposals is the connection of Trapagaran with the L4 bidegorri of Zorroza-Muskiz, which would be achieved by widening the sidewalk next to the BI-3748 highway and creating a bidegorri that connects with the Urioste roundabout.

En Ortuella, the construction of a bidegorri is proposed from the center to the Urioste roundabout, joining the route from Trapagaran. In addition, the creation of a bridge over the Granada River is proposed to facilitate access to Ortuella from Errotarte.

Innovation and sustainable development

The proposal also includes the connection between Trapagaran and Sestao through Galindo, dividing into several phases. The elimination of a lane of the BI-3746 highway to make way for a bidegorri is contemplated, and the creation of a downhill lane through the industrial zone of Ibarzaharra. In addition, the construction of a pedestrian bridge is planned from the Galindo bridge to Elguero, and the extension of the bidegorri L4 to the Urbinaga metro station.

Citizen participation and consensus

EH Bildu emphasizes the importance of deliberation and citizen participation in this project, the aim is to involve bicycle users, cycling associations, and citizens in general, in a process of reflection and definition of an adequate bidegorris network. The political party plans to launch this initiative in Sestao, Trapagaran, Ortuella and Barakaldo, seeking collaboration and consensus with municipal governments.

EH Bildu's proposal is not just a infrastructure plan, but also a tool to promote a change in the culture of urban mobility, promoting a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle. With this initiative, it is expected to significantly improve the quality of life in these subregions, facilitating safer and more accessible mobility for all.

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