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Judge Peinado's "warehouse" in Ávila is scandalous

Mairenis Gomez

June 13, 2024 | 3:00 pm

Judge Peinado's chalet in La Adrada is an illegal home that continues to generate controversy

Judge Juan Carlos Peinado, famous for investigating the wife of President Pedro Sánchez, Begoña Gómez, enjoys a luxurious residence in La Adrada, Ávila. This chalet, officially registered as a "warehouse" in the land registry, has been the focus of controversy for years. Located in a privileged enclave, isolated from urban noise and surrounded by lush vegetation, this “illegal chalet” It is a hot topic among neighbors.

The construction of Judge Peinado's chalet on questionable land and without a first occupation license generates outrage

The chalet of Judge Peinado, who is investigating Pedro Sánchez's wife, is on land whose urban development has been highly questioned. Without a first occupancy license and with multiple urban planning irregularities, housing continues to be a matter of debate. The neighbors have repeatedly denounced the illegality of this building, calling it an "illegal chalet" with graffiti on the façade.

A privileged and controversial enclave

Furthermore, Peinado's chalet is located in La Adrada, a small town in Castilla y León, just over an hour from Madrid. This location offers tranquility and isolation, something the judge values. The plot is spacious and surrounded by vegetation, offering views of the mountain and getting away from the neighborhood noise. However, this tranquility has not prevented the home from being the subject of controversy.

Urban planning irregularities and lack of first occupation license

Since before 2007, the legalization of the chalet has been a topic of discussion. The lack of proper sanitation and the illegality of the pool are key points in this debate. Mayor Pilar Martínez, of the PP, has confirmed that a first occupancy license has never been requested for this home, something that former municipal officials also corroborate.

Peinado's relationship with the Popular Party and his controversial appointments

Several appointments by the PP have marked Peinado's career. In 2010, he received a secondment of duty with relief from the Ministry of Justice, under the presidency of Fernando de Rosa Torner.. Later, in 2012, he was appointed to the Criminal Court 7 of Madrid, succeeding Cristina Díaz Márquez, who was appointed General Director of Internal Policy by Jorge Fernández Díaz.

The fight of neighbors against illegality

Furthermore, many neighbors do not hesitate to report what they consider an "illegal chalet." Construction on controversial land without the necessary licenses has generated a feeling of injustice among residents. This situation raises questions about equality before the law and whether the judiciary is exempt from complying with current planning regulations.

The case of Juan Carlos Peinado's chalet illustrates how urban planning irregularities and non-compliance with the law

The story of the judge and his home in La Adrada

As the controversy continues, the future of Judge Peinado's villa in La Adrada remains uncertain. Community pressure and media attention could eventually force authorities to take stronger action. Meanwhile, the chalet remains a symbol of controversy and division in this small town.

Without a doubt, the case of Juan Carlos Peinado's chalet illustrates how urban planning irregularities and non-compliance with the law can generate discontent in a community. The story of the judge and his home in La Adrada is a reminder that justice must be equal for everyone, regardless of their position or influence.

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