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Macrotrama of corruption in the Civil Guard: 26 companies involved and senior officials involved

Civil Guard corruption

Jesus Carames

June 2, 2024 | 3:30 pm

A judicial investigation has uncovered a macro corruption plot in the Civil Guard that involves 26 companies, including El Corte Inglés, and several senior officials of the institution. For 20 years, rigging and cheating were carried out in supply contracts, affecting 180 million euros of the public coffers of Spain.

The modus operandi of the corrupt plot

The corruption scheme was based on agreements between agents in charge of purchasing supplies and businessmen or their commercial representatives. Public contracts for boots, bulletproof vests, helmets and overalls always fell to the same suppliers. In exchange, the agents received bribes in the form of cell phones, video game consoles, trips, soccer tickets, meals or hunts. One of the accused was even paid for his son's studies.

Fraud and embezzlement in public procurement

The investigation, carried out by the Court of Instruction number 50 of Madrid, has revealed that The companies organized among themselves to distribute the lots to be supplied and agree on prices.. The defendants are being investigated for crimes of bribery, influence peddling, embezzlement, fraud against public administrations, negotiations prohibited to officials, prevarication, money laundering and criminal organization.

Beginnings of the plot in the year 2000

According to the investigation, The rigged contracts began in 2000 at the hands of Colonel Alberto José Martín Altube, former head of the Sabas Technical Section. His replacement, Colonel Juan Antonio Maroto, continued with the corrupt practices, even keeping detailed accounting of money deliveries.

Illegal splitting of contracts

The criminal plot also divided minor contracts that could not be divided into pieces. In total, a hundred manipulated files have been found, detailing an arbitrary and manipulated contract in favor of those involved.. These contracts included the purchase of unnecessary supplies or products they already had.

Implications and consequences

The magnitude of this corruption plot has shaken the Civil Guard and has put transparency and control of public procurement in Spain in the spotlight. The investigation continues, and it is expected that responsibilities will be determined and measures will be taken to prevent future cases of corruption..

This scandal highlights the need to strengthen control and supervision mechanisms in public administration to ensure that State resources are managed fairly and efficiently. Trust in institutions depends on the integrity and transparency of their processes, and it is essential that citizens' trust in their security agencies be restored.

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