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Mobilizations in Iparralde against the extreme right

Jesus Carames

June 16, 2024 | 10:31 a.m.

A massive demonstration in Bayonne

Calls to demonstrate against the far right have been heard throughout France. This Saturday, June 15, in Bayonne, the mobilization brought together 1.800 people according to authorities y 3.700 according to the unions. Participants include students, retirees, trade unionists, workers and apolitical citizens, all united by a common cause: opposing the advance of the extreme right.

A diverse coalition against the Rassemblement National

In Bayonne, as in many other French cities, protesters took to the streets to express their rejection of the Rassemblement National, the far-right party that has made significant gains in the recent European elections. The result of these elections, in which Marine Le Pen's party was widely victorious, has generated deep unrest among protesters, who are also alarmed by the announcement of new legislative elections.

«I feel like we're going backwards. Today I want to show my rejection and fight for a France that does not fall into the hands of the extreme right," declared one of the protesters in Bayonne. This feeling of setback and concern for the political future of the country has been a unifying factor in these mobilizations.

A national impact

The demonstrations were not limited to Bayonne. Across France, thousands of people gathered to express their rejection of far-right policies and rhetoric. The diversity of the protesters is notable: young students worried about their future, retirees who fear for the stability of pensions, workers who defend their labor rights and citizens who, although apolitical, cannot sit idly by in the face of the advance of the Rassemblement National .

These protests reflect widespread discontent and rejection of ideologies that protesters say threaten democratic values ​​and equality in France. Concern for the country's political future has led many to raise their voices and unite in a common cause, putting aside their differences to fight against what they consider a threat to French society.

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